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Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

During the testing of the login form, QA finds out thatthe first time the user can log in, but every other login attempt from another computer leads to the homepage and the basket being emptied. Developers tried to debug the issue, but when they add a breakpoint to the login action, it is not hit by the debugger. What should the Architect recommend developers to check?

A. Remove CSRF protection from Login Form Action.
B. Add remote include for the login page
C. Add disable cache page in the template ISML - .
D. Check Login Form and any included templates for includes that enable page caching.

Question # 2

The Client has just acquired a new brand and wants toIntegrate the new brand s current ecommerce site into a current realm as a new site. The acquisition has its own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for product data and inventory. The new site will use the existing realm’s Order Management System (OHS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. What two requirements does the Architect need to keep in mind when creating the technical specification document? Choose 2 answers

A. A new customer export Job must be created to export customers.
B. A new product Import Job must be created to manage products.
C. A new inventory Import Job must be created to manage inventory.
D. A new order export job must be created to export orders.

Question # 3

A. Ensure the CSRF protection is validated on form submission.
B. Only use GET methods over HTTPS.
C. Automatically renew the CSRF Token ifexpired.
D. Only use POST methods over HTTPS.

Question # 4

A client has just pushed a new site live to Production. However during smoketesting. It's found that some customers are not seeing the correct pricing on the Product Detail Page. What three places would the Architect begin to look for the cause of this Issue? Choose 3 answers

A. Check Log Center
B. Check the Quota Status page.
C. Check the Global Preferences to be sure the settings are correct.
D. Check that there was not an error during replication.
E. Check that the cache is set correctly

Question # 5

The Client wishes to implement a third party integration that allows for free shipping If the customer Is a member of the third party service. When the customer's order is exported to the Order Management System (OMS) it also creates a custom object in order to track additional data before sending that order data to the third-party service as well. What technical concern should the Architect raise to protect performance and stability of the site1?

A. The customer order quota and related retention or deletion needs.
B. The customer's order data sent to a third-party and related security needs.
C. The OMS having order data sent to a thud party and related security needs.
D. The custom object quota and related retention or deletion needs.

Question # 6

An Architect is documenting the technical design for a single B2C Commerce storefront. The Client has a business requirement to provide pricing that is customized to specific groups: • 50 different pricing groups of customers • 30 different pricing groups of employees • 10 different pricing groups of vendors Which items should the Architect include in the design in order to set applicable price books based on these requirements'' Choose 2 answers

A. - 50 customer groups for customers - 30 customer groups for employees - 10 customer groups for vendors
B. - One customer group and SO subgroups for customers - One customer group and 30 subgroups for employees - Onecustomer group and 10 subgroups for vendors
C. - One campaign and multiple promotions for each customer group
D. - One promotion and 50 campaigns for customers - One promotion and 30 campaigns for employees - One promotion and 10 campaigns for vendors

Question # 7

A client receives multiple feeds from third parties on the same SFTP location: • Product prices (sftp: prod/prices) • Stores information (sftp: prod/stores; • Product information (sftp: prod/catalog) • Categories information (sftp: prod/marketing) • Content (sftp: prod/marketing) Some of the feeds are placed on sftp multiple times a day, as the information is updated in the source system. TheArchitect decides to have only two jobs: • One that checks and downloads available feeds every hour • One that imports the files from Webdav once a day before the data replication, using the standards steps available in the Job Framework Which designis correct for the import Job, taking the steps scope in consideration?

A. - four sibling flows execute steps ki parallel: import products, stores, prices, content - fifth flow executes: import categories - last flow executes steps In sequence: reindex
B. - four sibling flows execute steps in parallel: import products, stores, prices, content - last flow executes steps in sequence import categories, reindex
C. - three siting flows Import steps In parallel: import products, stores, prices - fourthflow executes: import categories - last flow executes steps in sequece: reindex, Import content
D. -Four sibling flows execute steps in parallel: import products, stores, price, content -last flow executes steps in sequence: import:categories, reindex

Question # 8

The Client is planning to switch to a new Payment Service Provider (PSP). They have approached an Architect to understand the time and effort to Integrate the new PSP The PSP offers a LINK cartridge compatible with SiteGenesis Pipelines, but the Client’s website is build on Controllers. Which two options should the Architect take into consideration before starting analysis? Choose 2 answers

A. Estimate the effort and risk to convert the LINK cartridge from pipelines to controllers.
B. Reach out to the PSP development team and ask if a new cartridge version that supports controllers is under development
C. Produce a proof of concept converting the most essential pipelines into controllers and integrate the cartridge.
D. Look for a different PSP that supports controllers and would not require conversion efforts.

Question # 9

A. By Issuing a Basic Auth requestto the service provider.
B. By performing a signed SOAP Auth request using a certificate.
C. By wrapping the authentication service call with Basic Auth.
D. By disabling Basic Auth and executing the service authentication call.

Question # 10

During a load test the storefront shows steady but slow performanceon all the paces being tested. The Architect opens Pipeline Profiler and sorts the data by *total time" column. The following come as the top Ave items:

A. Product-HitTile as it has the highest hits during the load test.
B. Search Show as this Is one of the key controllers that the customer uses
C. Product-Detail as It has the highest total time and highest maximum time.
D. Home-IncludeHeaderMenu as It has highestaverage time.

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