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Salesforce B2C-Solution-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to bring data from custom objects from its Salesforce
Customer Success Platform into the
Marketing Cloud account. NTO aims fora personalization of the customer journey with up-
to-date Information and using dynamic
content from multiple sources.
How can a Solution Architect ensure the expected data Is available within the Marketing

A. Utilize Synchronized Data Sources within Marketing Cloud.
B. Implement a custom integration between Marketing Cloud and the Customer Success Platform.
C. Install and configure Distributed Marketing to make content accessible.
D. Use Marketing Cloud Connect to fetch the expected data using APIs at send time.

Question # 2

A company uses Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, B2C Commerce, and Service Cloud.
It is in the process of defining the authoritative system for key data entities involved in B2C
Journeys. The company has about 200,000 customers, each averaging 30 orders per year
Which option should be considered the authoritative record for consent and compliance
preferences, as well as primary person attributes such as name, address, birthday, phone,
and email?

A. Marketing Cloud subscriber
B. B2C Commerce customer
C. Experience Cloud user
D. Service Cloud contact

Question # 3

Universal Containers has been using Service Cloud and recently decided to implement
Marketing Cloud. There are many data quality issues in Service Cloud like duplicates and
incomplete email addresses. They want to use Marketing Cloud to send personalized
Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make when suggesting a
migration strategy from an existing Service Cloud implementation to a new Marketing
Cloud one?
Choose 2 answers

A. Fix the data quality issues in Service Cloud before migrating to Marketing Cloud.
B. Use Customer Data Platform (CDP) to synchronize data between Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.
C. Map Contact, Lead, and Account objects within Marketing Cloud to enable personalization.
D. Build a custom connector between Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud that will remove the duplicates.

Question # 4

A multi-brand company uses B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud and
wants to deliver integrated customer experiences across all three products. The company
has one B2C Commerce realm serving two storefronts, a Salesforce org, and a Marketing
Cloud instance with a single business unit that leverages email address as a subscriber
key. None of these Salesforce Clouds are integrated. The company is also interested in
integrating with Customer 360 Data Manager.
Which two Marketing Cloud implementation recommendations should a Solution Architect
present to the company to adjust their architecture to adhere to Salesforce multi-cloud
integration best practices?
Choose 2 answers

A. Marketing Cloud should serve as the Salesforce primary for customer profiles andleverage customer email addresses as a multi-cloud customer identifier.
B. Marketing Cloud should implement a second business unit and provide each B2C Commerce storefront with its own Marketing Cloud business unit.
C. Marketing Cloud must undergo a subscriber key migration with Salesforce ProfessionalServices and select a subscriber key that aligns with Salesforce multi-cloudarchitecture best practices.
D. B2C Commerce should integrate with Marketing Cloud and create a Marketing CloudContact when a B2C Commerce customer registers or places an order via thestorefront.

Question # 5

A company is in the process of defining the right systems to deliver key capabilities for its
B2C business. The company has about 2 million customers, each placing an average of
100 orders each year through its existing B2C Commerce platform. 7
The company needs a system that can;
*Deliver a full list of all customer orders throughout their engagement lifetime
* Provide lifetime engagement tracking and history of the customer
* Calculate the lifetime value of customers based on their orders
Which three systems should a Solution Architect recommend to meet the company's
Choose 3 answers

A. Sales Cloud
B. Service Cloud
C. Heroki
D. Materials Written
E. Marketing Cloud
F. Salesforce Order Management

Question # 6

A Solution Architect is working on a project that will use Service Cloud and Marketing
Cloud. The company is concerned about its service agents' productivity, since they will
sometimes also require access to Marketing Cloud. The company wants the Solution
Architect to implement a solution that lets agents authenticate and access all systems with
the least possible clicks. The company wants agents to confirm their identity using multi-
factor authentication (MFA) upon logging in to either system.
Which three activities does the Solution Architect need to complete in order to meet the
company's requirements?
Choose 3 answers

A. Enable SSO on both Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.
B. Define which system is acting as an identity provider (IDP).
C. Configure Marketing Cloud Connect,
D. Enable Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Salesforce Event Monitoring on the identity provider (IDP).
E. Enable MFA on the identity provider (IDP).

Question # 7

A retail company that sell fitness products Is implementing Service Cloud, B2C Commerce,
and Marketing Cloud, In order to provide their customers with personalized
recommendations, they are capturing and storing certain PII and health information. In
order to adhers to compliance and regulations, they need to ensure shared data is
encrypted across all platforms.
What features should a Solution Architect recommend to accomplish this?

A. Use Shield platform Encryption to encrypt data in Service Cloud, Enable Encrypted Data Sanding (EDS) in Marketing Cloud, and use B2C Commerce’s crypto API.
B. Platform Encryption to encrypt data in Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and B2C Commerce.
C. Use Shield platform Encryption to encrypt data in Service Cloud and B2 Commerce. Data in Marketing Cloud is encrypted by default.
D. Use Shield Platform Encryption to encrypt data in Service Cloud, enable encryption at rest in Marketing Cloud, and enable encryption at rest in B2C Commerce.

Question # 8

A retail company currently uses B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. The company plans to launch a winter sweepstakes campaign to attract new customers. The

signup page is hosted on B2C Commerce and collects new customer details like name,
phone number, and email. In order to enter the sweepstakes, the customer must sign up to
receive marketing communications. In return, they will receive a coupon for 20% off their
next purchase.
Which option should be defined as the data source authority for the customer attributes
collected from the sweepstakes page?

A. Experience Cloud
B. Service Cloud
C. Marketing Cloud
D. B2C Commerce

Question # 9

Given that a company wants the purchase data from B2C Commerce In Sales Cloud, what standard objects from Sales Cloud should a Solution Architect map to B2C Commerce objects?

A. Individual, Opportunity, Purchase
B. Profile, Order, Opportunity
C. Account, Order, Pricebook
D. Contact, Order, Product

Question # 10

A university has several branded schools scattered across different colleges. Each of which
has its own finances, business processes, and strategies for engaging students. They
would like to introduce a university-wide communications strategy that allows their
recruitment team to market to potential students globally while allowing each department to
recruit existing students for its own programs. They are looking for art environment strategy
across their potential purchases of Salesforce and Marketing Cloud.
What should a Solution Architect recommend to meet their needs?

A. Marketing Cloud and Marketing cloud Connect across multiple connected Salesforce orgs
B. Marketing Cloud with multiple business units connected to multiple existing Salesforce orgs with Marketing cloud Connect
C. Marketing Cloud with multiple business units and a single, consolidated Salesforce org spanning all departments
D. Marketing Cloud and a single, consolidated Salesforce org spanning all departments

Question # 11

A merchant wants to store past purchase history in Marketing Cloud to use for
segmentation and personalization of promotional emails.
All data must be encrypted at rest to comply with the merchant's security standards.
Which solution is appropriate?

A. Shield Platform Encryption
B. Tokenized Sending
C. Transparent Data Encryption
D. Field Level Encryption

Question # 12

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is releasing a new “Track-My-Hike" feature to their mobile
app that allows users to track their hiking paths and distance as well as send emergency
alerts in case they do not respond for a specific period.
This data is stored and visible from both the mobile app and on their profile in the web
store. They expect up to 10,000 users to use this feature per month, with data points being
tracked every minute over the average hiking period of 8 hours. 3
Which solution is appropriate for hosting this kind of data?

A. Custom solution using Heroku and Postgres
B. B2C Commerce solution using Custom Objects
C. Service Cloud solution using Big Objects
D. Service Cloud solution using Platform Events

Question # 13

A global merchant plans to use B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud to
support the shopper experience. They also plan on using Marketing Cloud Connect to
integrate Service and Marketing Clouds and the Service Cloud Connector for B2C
Commerce. The customers will receive SMS messages through Mobile Connect. One of
the key requirements is to enable consent and profile management across the clouds.
Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make as part of the solution?
Choose 2 answers

A. SMS opt-in will sync with Service Cloud when contact ID is the subscriber key in Marketing Cloud
B. Service Cloud profile data can be configured to sync to the Marketing Cloud profile center
C. Profile changes in B2C Commerce will sync to Service Cloud when person accounts are used
D. Shopper consent in B2C storefronts will sync to Service Cloud when person accounts are used

Question # 14

Acme Ltd wants to Integrate B2C Commerce, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. A
Solution Architect was tasked with optimizing the integration by understand and which
cloud is the ideal system of record for each piece of data.
Which two considerations will lead to an optimal design around systems of record?
Choose 2 answers

A. Lifetime engagement tracking and history, other data for personalization or segmentation should be mastered in Marketing Cloud
B. Heroku should be used to master ecommerce transactions, including order records, customer product affinity, and promotion eligibility
C. User consent information. Customer Journey flow. Counsel and compliance preferences should be mastered in B2C Commerce
D. Store primary attributes (name, address, birthday, phone, and email) about the customer in Service Cloud

Question # 15

Universal Containers (UC) Is planning a campaign for its newly-launched product
categories. They have already run similar campaigns in the past and want to cross-sell this
new product to their existing customers. To achieve this, they are creating customer group
segments using its e-commerce strategies while adhering to the current customer's
compliance preferences for previous campaigns.
Which two products should a Solution Architect include in the architecture to meet UC's

A. Marketing Cloud and B2C Commerce
B. Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud
C. Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud
D. Service Cloud and B2C Commerce

Question # 16

A merchant has implemented a custom solution on B2C Commerce, exposing a
configurable outdoor table composed of multiple, different SKUs representing the table top,
legs, hardware, cover, and optional extended warranty.
On the B2C Commerce storefront, customers can select from any in-stock options for each
of the components to create their perfect table before check-out. Although the final product
is presented to the customer as one table, inventory is tracked at the component level, and
all of the component SKUs must be sent to the Order Management System in the resulting
commerce order.
Which two solutions would allow the merchant to make this custom product experience available in Service Cloud to support the customer service rep purchasing and feature
Choose 2 answers

A. Create a custom Open Commerce API {OCAPI) endpoint on B2C Commerce to exposethe custom product options and component availability in real time to support a customexperience in Service Cloud.
B. Create a custom B2C Commerce job to export custom product component data on anightly basis and import into Service Cloud to support acustom experience.
C. Use hooks to extend the existing Open Commerce API (OCAPI) product endpoint withadditional information about the custom product options and component availability in realtime to support a custom experience in Service Cloud.
D. Use Customer Service Representative (CSR) Order on Behalf Of to access the existingB2C Commerce storefront as a CSR acting on behalf of a customer when makingpurchases or reviewing custom products.

Question # 17

Universal Containers (UC) Is utilizing B2C Commerce today and is considering utilizing
CDP as a means of unifying all of their systems and recognize their existing customers as
individuals across systems. They are about to install the Commerce Cloud CDP Connector
and would like to understand how the unified profile process will work.
What configurations should a Solution Architect create to correctly identify unified profiles
as individuals between CDP and B2C Commerce?

A. Create Data Segments within CDP and create customer groups within B2C Commerce with the CDP Data Segments
B. Create Customer Groups within B2C Commerce and create data segments within CDP with CDP Data Segments
C. Create Individuals within CDP and create customer groups within B2C Commerce with the correct segments
D. Create Data Segments within CDP and create customers within B2C Commerce with the CDP Data Segments

Question # 18

Universal Containers has an existing loyalty program that rewards its customers for
purchases and frequent shopping with points that can be redeemed in store or online. They
want to transform their existing loyalty program by investing in tools like Marketing Cloud,
Salesforce Loyally Management and COP- They want to start segmenting their most loyal
customers based or their online engagement and purchase history.
Which three actions should a Solution Architect recommend they consider taking with the
tools they are investing In?
Choose 3 answers

A. Curate tiered experiences in Marketing Cloud
B. Segment Individuals within CDP C.Q Segment Journeys within CDP
C. Curate tiered experiences in Loyalty Management
D. Create Journeys by tiers in Marketing Cloud

Question # 19

A university is considering using Experience Cloud so its students can interact with advisors who have Service Cloud licenses. The university would like to offer the easiest path for existing students to log in while still maintaining security. They have an on- premises Active Directory identity provider and use Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) for student email addresses. What should a Solution Architect recommend?

A. Implement Social Sign On with Openld Connect and Google Workspace as Auth Provider.
B. Implement Active Directory and Salesforce Identity for SAML delegated Single Sign On.
C. Implement Aloha template for students to access email with Salesforce Authenticator app.
D. Implement OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol with Google Workspace as Service Provider.

Question # 20

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has been using B2C Commerce and Service cloud for the
past year and wants to take the next step in its customer experience by implementing
Marketing Cloud. NTO is focusing on email for the foreseeable future and wants all
transactional messages—such as password reset and order confirmations—to go through
Marketing Cloud rather than B2C Commerce.
Which three actions should a Solution Architect recommend to enable this functionality?
Choose 3 answers

A. Configure an API event in Process Builder along with an Email Activity with a transactional send classification.
B. Configure API integration credentials in Marketing Cloud to enable B2C Commerce to call Marketing Cloud.
C. Implement a server-side API callout in B2C Commerce for each of the required emails.
D. Implement a client-side API callout in B2C Commerce for each of the required emails.
E. Configure a Transactional Messaging API in Marketing Cloud and use a transactional send classification for each of the required emails.

Question # 21

Which two considerations should the Solution Architect keep in mind while designing the solution for OOBO?

Choose 2 answers

A. Every REST call between B2C Commerce and Service Cloud counts towards API governor limits.
B. The OOBO shopping experience requires that Salesforce service agent users authenticate against the B2C Commerce environment before creating the shopping session.
C. Middleware, like Mulesoft, must be used to ensure the security and uptime of the integration between B2C Commerce and Service Cloud.
D. The Service Agent cannot order on behalf of the customer if the customer is offline.

Question # 22

A financial services firm with many high net-worth individuals Is about to implement Service
Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Salesforce Platform. Given the nature of the individuals, they
are often required to adhere to financial regulations and civil procedures in regards to their
data. This often requires restricting their data processing. Given that requirement, what are three considerations the financial services firm should be
aware of when limiting data processing across these clouds?
Choose 3 answers

A. Removing a data processing restricted contact within Marketing Cloud requires removing the restriction first before removing the contact
B. Consider deleting all of the customer data in order to adhere to the requirements.
C. Restricting data within Service Cloud requires contacting a Service Cloud account representative.
D. Export relevant customer data on Salesforce Platform so it is retained first before deleting or providing any data.
E. Restricting data within Marketing Cloud requires contacting a Marketing Cloud account representative.

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