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Salesforce CRT-251 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Cloud Kicks has enabled territory forecasts to see how expected revenue compares
between sales territories, and to determine which territory has dosed the most deals in a
month. The territory hierarchy has three branches with child territories, where forecast
managers may be assigned to a few of them.
Which two actions can forecast managers perform?
Choose 2 answers

A. Add territory forecast to the hierarchy.
B. Add a Forecasts tab to the Sales app.
C. View the territory forecasts as a single-page summary.
D. Share the forecast with any Salesforce user.

Question # 2

During the requirements gathering workshops at Cloud Kicks, the project team and subject
matter experts bring up new ideas to incorporate4 into the current project.
Which best practice should the consultant use to refocus the meeting and stay on topic?

A. Tell key stakeholders that the team is focused on other ideas,
B. Remind the team of the purpose and scope of this project.
C. Incorporate the new ideas into the solution design.
D. Invite only the subject matter experts to subsequent workshops.

Question # 3

Cloud Kicks’ sales productivity is on the decline, while its competitors are more
successful. The consultant has suggested Einstein Opportunity Insights.
Which three insights can this provide?
Choose 3 answers

A. Opportunity Representative Score
B. Sentiment Analysis
C. Follow-up Reminders
D. Deal Prediction
E. Key Moments

Question # 4

Sales reps at Cloud Kicks (CK) need to see the Opportunity amount with the Account’s
discountfield. CK sales reps are located in different regions and use different currencies. A
consultant creates a custom formula field on the Opportunity.
Which currency will the custom formula use for its value if the opportunity and account
havedifferent currencies?

A. Account currency
B. Corporate currency
C. Opportunity currency
D. User currency

Question # 5

The Asia Pacific and Japanese sales teams from Cloud Kicks have requested separate
report folders for each region. The VP of sales needs access to both report folders in one
place to find reports for all the regions and wants to retain visibility of the reports in each
What should the consultant recommend meeting therequirement?

A. Create subfolders and give access to the root folder, keeping the top region foldersharing settings.
B. Create all new regional folders and move the reports to the respective region folder withviewer access.
C. Create grouped folders,keeping the top region folder sharing settings and limiting thesharing settings for the grouped folders.
D. Create all new regional folders and move the reports to the respective region folder withsubscribe access.

Question # 6

Universal Containers (UC) deployed Sales Cloud three months ago to the North American
sales teams. One of thereasons UC selected sales cloud is its mobile support which
provides flexibility for account executive.
How should the consultant assure UC s management that Sales Cloud is being
successfully adopted on mobile de devices?

A. Create a report to show the volume of opportunities created in the last three monthscompared to a year ago.
B. Create a custom report type to show the use of mobile devices by users in the last threemonths.
C. Track sales results month-over-month for the last three months to show anincrease mthe average order site.
D. Leverage visualforce to show the use of mobile devices by users during the last threemonths.

Question # 7

Each year, representatives from Universal Containers attend two major industry
conferences thatGenerate a large volume of leads. A few months after leads have been
converted to opportunities, the team wants to determine the return on Investment (ROI) for
each industry conference.
Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Create the Campaigns related list on the Lead page layout, and associate new leadswith a Campaign.
B. Create a mufti-select picklist, and ask representatives to select which conference (s)influence the lead.
C. Create industry events as Campaigns, add leads as Campaign Members, and utilizeCustomizable Campaign influence.
D. Create a Slack channel for each industry conference and mention this channel on allnew leads.

Question # 8

What are two considerations for enabling multiple currencies at Cloud Kicks? Choose 2

A. The primary currency is automatically displayed in parentheses when using multicurrency.
B. Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, Cases, and Opportunity Product Schedules supportmulti-currency reporting.
C. When multi-currency is enabled, changes to exchange rates update the convertedamount on all records except closed opportunities.
D. The multi-currency enablement process is irreversible.

Question # 9

Cloud Kicks (CK) plans to implement Advanced Currency Management for its Salesforce
implementation. CK has Roll-up Summary fields on the Account and Opportunity.
What should CK consider when enabling Advanced Currency Management in its
Salesforce org?

A. Dated exchange rates are used in Opportunity forecasting or currency fields in othertypes of reports.
B. Opportunity Roll-up Summary fields will update from the Opportunity Line Item object.
C. Account Roll-up Summary fields will update from the Opportunity object.
D. Account cross-object formulas always use the dynamic conversion rate for currencyconversion.

Question # 10

The Universal Containers sales team wants to easily show Account relationships to its
sales reps and report on these relationship.
Which two considerations should theconsultant take into account?
Choose 2 answers

A. Account relationships are visible from Person Account records.
B. A Person Account can be either a parent or child in the Account Hierarchy.
C. Account Hierarchy displays only the Amounts users have Read permission to view.
D. Accounts can be organized into different divisions based on specific criteria.

Question # 11

The Cloud Kicks (CK)IT team wants to enable Person Accounts in its Salesforce org.
Which three prerequisites must be met before the consultant can enable Person Accounts?
Choose 3 answers

A. User Profiles with Read access to Accounts must also have Read access to Contacts.
B. At least one Record Type should be created for Accounts.
C. The CK customer portal must be disabled to allow Person Account self-registration inthe future.
D. The organization-wide default sharing is set so either Contact is Controlled by Parent orbothAccount and Contact are Private.
E. The organization-wide default for both Accounts and Contacts should be set to PublicRead/Write.

Question # 12

Cloud Kicks just deployed Sales Cloud globally and wants to make sure that all ofits users
are using Salesforce. How should the consultant determine if all regions are using

A. Assign all users to a region, build a report using user login history, and filter on region.
B. Create an Opportunity report per region, filtering by User.
C. Ask each regional sales manager to run the standard User Adoption report.
D. Install Salesforce Adoption Dashboards from the AppExchange and use the regionchart.

Question # 13

Cloud Kicks rtants its sales operations team to place orders for United States customers in
Sales Ootid. The sales ops team needs to calculate sates tax on the orders. Sales tax is a
complex calculation based on tax law that may change at any time.
What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement3

A. A formula fieldon the Order object
B. An app from the AppExchange
C. A screen flow for orders
D. A spreadsheet with formulas

Question # 14

Cloud Kicks (CK) has recently implemented Sales Cloud. CK wants to be able to forecast
the number of shoes it sells to better coordinate withthe logistics department to fulfill
Which three options should a consultant recommend CK implement to accomplish this?
Choose 3 answers

A. Opportunity Quantity
B. Collaborative Forecasts
C. Forecast Types
D. A custom field
E. Product Revenue Schedules

Question # 15

Universal Containers is creating a new program to allow customers to pay for large orders
over the course of 1 to 3 years in monthly installments beginning in the month the products
are sold. The admin needs to configure Sales Good to accommodate the new pricing term
and to help the finance department forecast easily.
What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

A. Use Revenue Schedules to capture installment payment plan details for each Product.
B. Add a custom field to the Quotes object to capture the number of installments,
C. Set the default quantities to 12, 24, and 36 in a new Price Book forinstallment sales.
D. Create a Process Builder to create an Order for each installment payment.

Question # 16

During a Discovery session at Cloud Kicks, a topic is highlighted that
How should the consultant proceed?

A. Conduct another Discovery session.
B. Define and submit achange order for the new items.
C. Revise the timeline for the new items.
D. Continue work because it is covered by the warranty.

Question # 17

Universal Containers’ (UC) sales reps have said there are too many reports and
dashboards which makes it hard to find what is important to them.
What should a consultant recommend that use to solve this issue?

A. Custom report types
B. Private folders
C. Enhanced Folder Sharing
D. Dashboard Filters

Question # 18

The admin at Universal Containers is attempting to retire a Product, but they are receiving
an error because the Product is associated to an Opportunity.
What should the consultant recommend to resolve the issue most efficiently'

A. Remove the related Product from all Opportunities and Quotes.
B. Archive the Product or Price Book and each related Price Book entry.
C. Edit the Product record and uncheck the Active field.
D. Create a Flow to automatically delete the Product from the Price Book.

Question # 19

The admin at uBHMBon tamers has been getting complaints from sales reps about
duplicate Leads … Salesforce. The admin has already set up a matching rule for Leads.
What should the consultantrecommend to resolve the issue?

A. Confirm the standard matching rule is inactivated.
B. Change the criteria for the standard Lead matching rule.
C. Change the criteria for the standard Contact matching rule.
D. Confirm the custom matching rule is activated.

Question # 20

Universal Containers is creating a new program to allow customers to pay for large orders
over the course of 1 to 3 years in monthly instalments beginning in the month the products
are sold. The admin needs to configure Sales Cloud to accommodate the new pricing
terms and to help the finance department forecast easily.
What should the consultant recommend meeting the requirement?

A. Use Revenue Schedules to capture instalment payment plan details for each Product.
B. Create a Process Builder to create an Order for each instalment payment.
C. Add a custom field to the Quotes object to capture the number of instalments.
D. Set the default quantities to 12, 24, and 36 in a new Price Book for instalment sales.

Question # 21

Cloud Kicks has a complicated sales process. Sales reps often have difficulty deciding
when to move opportunities through various stages.
Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Use automation to send emails to sales reps with Guidance for Success
B. Configure a dashboard that shows opportunities that have remained in the same stagefor 30 days
C. Activate Path and add up to five key fields and Guidance for Success
D. Advise sales reps to collaborate on Slack to move opportunities along the pipeline.

Question # 22

Sometimes, sales reps need to create contacts without accounts based on business
What should the consultant take into consideration about these contacts?

A. Contacts without accounts need to be shared through sharing rules
B. Contacts without accounts are shared through the Role Hierarchy.
C. Contacts without accounts are private and only the owner and admin can view them.
D. Contacts without accounts need to be manually shared.

Question # 23

A sales rep notices they can edit some opportunities associated with accounts they
own, but is unable to edit other opportunities, although these are associated with
accountsthey own. Which three reasons could explain the sales rep’s experience?
Choose 3 answers

A. Sharing Rules for opportunities are set to Manager Groups.
B. Opportunity visibility allows View access to opportunities owned by others andassociated with accounts they own.
C. The organization-wide defaults for opportunities are set to Private.
D. All provisioned Opportunity object permissions enable Read access with all accounts thesales rep.
E. Some opportunities associated with the sales rep's account areowned by other users.

Question # 24

The Cloud Kicks sales team can create leads for both business and individual
customers. Person Accounts have been enabled in its Salesforce org.
Which action should be taken to convert a lead into a Person Account?

A. Create an Individual Lead Record Type.
B. Populate the Company field with ‘Person.
C. Enable Contacts to Multiple Accounts.
D. Leave the Company field blank.

Question # 25

Cloud Kicks (CK) recently finisheda redeployment of is Lightning pages. CK users report
that Lightning pages are loading slowly CK management wants to consider the impact this
has on adoption.
Which two toots should the consultant recommend that CK use to evaluate lightning
Choose 2answers

A. Guidance for App Butter
B. Lightning usage App
C. Performance Analysis for App Builder
D. Real-Time Event Monitoring

Question # 26

Cloud Kicks (CK) wantsto migrate data from its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP)
system to CK wants to organize its data using the unique ID that is a number type in the
What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

A. Map the ERP unique ID to a custom external ID unique number field.
B. Create a text field and insert the ERP unique ID.
C. Use the ERP unique ID as the Salesforce ID.
D. Create an external ID unique number field in the ERP labeled ERP unique ID.'

Question # 27

Universal Containers needs to track quarterly sales goals for users. What are two ways a
consultant can display sales goals and allow users to track their progress toward their
Choose 2 answers:

A. Create a Custom Report Type.
B. Enable Forecast Adjustments.
C. Enable Show Quota % Attainment.
D. Create a quarterly snapshot

Question # 28

Cloud Kicks wants to sell to both consumers and businesses. The consumer sales team
and business sales team will use different Stages.
Which two Salesforce functions will allow the consultant to meet this requirement?
Choose 2 answers

A. Sales Processes
B. Pipeline Inspection
C. Opportunity Splits
D. Record Types

Question # 29

A Cloud Kicks sales team based in the U.S. wants to grow market share in Australia. The
company has multicurrency enabled and has added the Australian Dollar as an available
How should the consultant allow the sales team to report on Australian deal values in U.S.
Dollars (USO)?

A. Set each sales user's default currency to the Australian Dollar.
B. Enable parenthetical currencyconversion.
C. Create a formula field to perform a currency calculation.
D. Use USD for Australian Opportunity currencies.

Question # 30

Northern Trails Outfitters (NTO) is ready to start the next phase of its Salesforce
implementation. A consultant recommends using Universal ProcessNotation (UPN) to
document the business process maps NTO will use as its guide.
As NTO maps out its processes, which two key principals of UPN should the team keep in
Choose 2 answers

A. Attach supporting information at the detail level.
B. Use symbols of different colors, arrows, and swim lanes for clarity.
C. Limit the number of activity boxes on the screen to 8 to 10.
D. Keep version control and change history at the diagram level.

Question # 31

Cloud Kicks likes to have its supervisors coach the consultants based on the call
transcripts. Which Salesforce product should the consultantrecommend?

A. Salesforce Service Cloud
B. Salesforce native CTI Connector
C. Salesforce High Velocity Sales
D. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Question # 32

The Cloud Kicks IT team has noticed that there are many duplicate Person Accounts.
The team can often easily identify duplicates and wants to merge them.
What should the consultant explain to the team about Person Account merges?

A. Person Accounts with a redundant relationship can be merged using matching rules.
B. Person Accounts can be merged with other Person Accounts.
C. Person Accounts can be merged with contact records.
D. Person Accounts can be merged with any type of Account

Question # 33

The Cloud Kicks CEO needs to run reports from the sales team’s reports folder. The CEO's
assistant needs to control access to the reports. Sales managers need to change the
reports when necessary. How should the consultant meet the requirement?

A. Set the CEO access level to View, the CEO's assistant to Manage, and the salesmanager to Edit on ACO the folder.
B. Enable Manage Reports in Public Folders and give access to the CEO and theirsubordinates.
C. Set the CEO access level to View All, the CEO's assistant to Modify All, and the salesmanager public group to Create.
D. Enable Manage access for the CEO role and subordinates, and Manage access for theCEO'S assistant profile.

Question # 34

An executive at Cloud Kicks (CK) has asked its admin to create a diagram to show the high
level processes the business. CK plans to use the diagram to show the context of a new
process within the overall business whole.
What should theadmin create to meet this requirement?

A. Capability Model
B. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Diagram
C. Suppliers, Imports, Processes, Outputs, Customers (SIPOC) Diagram
D. Value Stream Map

Question # 35

Access to opportunities at Cloud Kicks should be restricted. Sales users should only have
access to two categories of opportunities: opportunities they own, and opportunities that are tied to accounts they own.
What are two actions a consultant can take to meet the requirement?
Choose 2 answers

A. Set Territory Management to grant Read access to opportunities owned by others.
B. Set opportunity access on the role to view all opportunities associated with theiraccounts.
C. Set organization-wide defaults for opportunities to Private.
D. Set organization-wide defaults for opportunities to Public Read-Only.

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