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Salesforce Data-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universals Containers’ system administrators have been complaining that they are not able to make changes to its users’ record, including moving them to new territories without getting “unable to lock row” errors. This is causing the system admins to spend hours updating user records every day.   What should the data architect do to prevent the error?

A.    Reduce number of users updated concurrently.   
B.    Enable granular locking.   
C.    Analyze Splunk query to spot offending records.  
 D.    Increase CPU for the Salesforce org.  

Question # 2

A large automobile manufacturer has decided to use Salesforce as its CRM. It needs to maintain the following dealer types in their CRM: Local dealers Regional distributor State distributor Service dealer The attributes are different for each of the customer types. The CRM users should be allowed to enter only attributes related to the customer types. The processes and business rules for each of the customer types could be different.   How should the different dealers be maintained in Salesforce?  

A.    Use Accounts for dealers, and create record types for each of the dealer types.   
B.    Create dealers as Accounts, and build custom views for each of the dealer types.   
C.    Use Accounts for dealers and custom picklist field for each of the dealer types   
D.    Create Custom objects for each dealer types and custom fields for dealer attributes.  

Question # 3

Universal Container is using Salesforce for Opportunity management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) for order management. Sales reps do not have access to the ERP and have no visibility into order status.   What solution a data architect recommends to give the sales team visibility into order status?  

A.    Leverage Canvas to bring the order management UI in to the Salesforce tab.   
B.    Build batch jobs to push order line items to salesforce.   
C.    leverage Salesforce Connect top bring the order line item from the legacy system to Salesforce.
D.    Build real-time integration to pull order line items into Salesforce when viewing orders.   

Question # 4

Northern Trail Outfitters would like to report on the type of customers. A custom field for customer type was created in Account object. Users need to be limited to the following defined choices when entering information in this field: 1.  High Value  2.  Medium Value   3.  Low Value   Which strategy should a data architect recommend to configure customer type?  

A.    Lookup to a custom object with defined choices.   
B.    Single-select restricted picklist with defined choices.   
C.    Provide help text to guide users with defined choices.   
D.    Create a validation rule to limit entry to defined choices.  

Question # 5

Universal Containers has implemented Salesforce for its operations. In order for customers to be created in their MDM solution, the customer record needs to have the following attributes:   1.  First Name   2.  Last Name   3.  Email Which option should the data architect recommend to mandate this when customers are created in Salesforce?

A.          Configure Page Layout marking attributes as required fields.   
B.          Create validation rules to check If the required attributes are entered.   
C.          Mark Fields for the attributes as required under Setup.   
D.          Build validation in Integration with MDM to check required attributes.  

Question # 6

Northern Trail Outfitters is concerned because some of its data is sensitive and needs to be identified for access.   What should be used to provide ways to filter and identify the sensitive data?  

A.    Define data grouping metadata.   
B.    Implement field-level security.   
C.    Custom checkbox denoting sensitive data.
D.    Define data classification metadata.  

Question # 7

A casino is implementing salesforce and is planning to build a customer 360 view for a customer who visits its resorts. The casino currently maintained the following systems that records customer activity:   1.Point of sales system: All purchases for a customer.   2.Salesforce: All customer service activity and sales activity for a customer. 3.Mobile app: All bookings, preferences and browser activity for a customer. 4.Marketing: All email, SMS and social campaigns for a customer. Customer service agents using salesforce would like to view the activities from all system to provide supports to customers. The information has to be current and real time.   What strategy should the data architect implement to satisfy this requirement?

A.    Explore external data sources in salesforce to build 360 view of customer.  
 B.    Use a customer data mart to view the 360 view of customer.   
C.    Migrate customer activities from all 4 systems into salesforce.   
D.    Periodically upload summary information in salesforce to build 360 view.  

Question # 8

Based on government regulations, a Salesforce customer plans to implement the following in Salesforce for compliance: Access to customer information based on record ownership   Ability for customers to request removal of their information from Salesforce   Prevent users from accessing Salesforce from outside company network (virtual private network, or VPN) What should a data architect recommend to address these requirements?

A.    Contact Salesforce support to restrict access only with VPN and other requirements  
 B.    Allow users access to Salesforce through a custom web application hosted within VPN.   
C.    Implement IP restrictions, sharing settings, and custom Apex to support customer requests.   
D.    Implement Salesforce shield with Event Monitoring to address the requirement.  

Question # 9

Northern Trail Outfitters <NTO> is streaming IoT data from connected devices to a cloud database. Every 24 hours. 100,000 records are generated.   NIO employees will need to see these lol records within Salesforce and generate weekly reports on it. Developers may also need to write programmatic logic to aggregate the records and incorporate them into workflows.   Which data pattern will allow a data architect to satisfy these requirements, while also keeping limits in mind?

A.    Bidirectional integration   
B.    Unidirectional integration   
C.    Virtualization   
D.    Persistence  

Question # 10

Universal Containers (UC) is building a Service Cloud call center application and has a multi-system support solution. UC would like or ensure that all systems have access to the same customer information.   What solution should a data architect recommend?

A.          Make Salesforce the system of record for all data.   
B.          Implement a master data management (MDM) strategy for customer data.   
C.          Load customer data in all systems.   
D.          Let each system be an owner of data it generates.  

Question # 11

Universal Containers has been a customer of Salesforce for 10 years. Currently they have 2 million accounts in the system. Due to an erroneous integration built 3 years ago, it is estimated there are 500,000 duplicates in the system.   Which solution should a data architect recommend to remediate the duplication issue?

A.    Develop an ETL process that utilizers the merge API to merge the duplicate records   
B.    Utilize a data warehouse as the system of truth   
C.    Extract the data using data loader and use excel to merge the duplicate records   
D.    Implement duplicate rules  

Question # 12

All accounts and opportunities are created in Salesforce. Salesforce is integrated with three systems: •  An ERP system feeds order data into Salesforce and updates both Account and Opportunity records.   •  An accounting system feeds invoice data into Salesforce and updates both Account and Opportunity records.   •  A commission system feeds commission data into Salesforce and updates both Account and Opportunity records.   How should the architect determine which of these systems is the system of record?

A.          Account and opportunity data originates in Salesforce, and therefore Salesforce is the system of record.   
B.          Whatever system updates the attribute or object should be the system of record for that field or object.   
C.          Whatever integration data flow runs last will, by default, determine which system is the system of record.   
D.          Data flows should be reviewed with the business users to determine the system of record per object or field.   

Question # 13

UC is migrating individual customers (B2C) data from legacy systems to SF. There are millions of customers stored as accounts and contacts in legacy database.   Which object model should a data architect configure within SF?  

A.    Leverage person account object in Salesforce   
B.    Leverage custom person account object in SF   
C.    Leverage custom account and contact object in SF   
D.    Leverage standard account and contact object in SF  

Question # 14

Universal Containers (UC) is in the process of selling half of its company. As part of this split, UC's main Salesforce org will be divided into two org:org A and org B, UC has delivered these requirements to its data architect   1.      The data model for Org B will drastically change with different objects, fields, and picklist values.   2.      Three million records will need to be migrated from org A to org B for compliance reasons.   3.      The migrate will need occur within the next two month, prior to be split.   Which migrate strategy should a data architect use to successfully migrate the date?

A.    use as ETL tool to orchestrate the migration.   
B.    Use Data Loader for export and Data Import Wizard for import  
 C.    Write a script to use the Bulk API   
D.    Use the Salesforces CLI to query, export, and import  

Question # 15

Universal Containers is establishing a call center that will use Salesforce. UC receives 10 million calls and creates 100 million cases every month. Cases are linked to a custom call object using lookup relationship. UC would like to run reports and dashboard to better understand different case types being created on calls to better serve customers.   What solution should a data architect recommend to meet the business requirement?

A.    Archive records to a data warehouse and run analytics on the data warehouse.   
B.    Leverage big objects to archive records and Einstein Analytics to run reports.   
C.      Leverage custom objects to store aggregate data and run analytics
D.    Leverage out-of-the-box reports and dashboard on case and interactive voice response (IVR) custom object.  

Question # 16

Universal Containers has multiple systems all containing and maintaining customer data. Although point-to-point integrations are in place, customers are complaining about consistency in the data. What solution should the data architect recommend?

A.    Improve existing point-to-point integrations   
B.    Data cleanse each system  
A.    Perform a onetime synchronization to level set the built up inconsistencies   
B.     An MDM solution as the customer master, with centralized integrations to ensure consistency across all systems.   

Question # 17

Universal Containers (UC) manages Vehicle and Service History in Salesforce. Vehicle (Vehicle      c) and Service History (Service-History      c) are both custom objects related through a lookup relationship.   Every week a batch synchronization process updates the Vehicle and Service History records in Salesforce. UC has two hours of migration window every week and is facing locking issues as part of the data migration process.   What should a data architect recommend to avoid locking issues without affecting performance of data migration?

A.    Use Bulk API parallel mode for data migration   
B.    Use Bulk API serial mode for data migration  
 C.    Insert the order in another custom object and use Batch Apex to move the records to Service_ Order    c object. 
D.    Change the lookup configuration to "Clear the value of this field" when lookup record is deleted.  

Question # 18

Universal Containers (UC) is migrating from a legacy system to Salesforce CRM, UC is concerned about the quality of data being entered by users and through external integrations.   Which two solutions should a data architect recommend to mitigate data quality issues?

A.    Leverage picklist and lookup fields where possible   
B.    Leverage Apex to validate the format of data being entered via a mobile device.   
C.    Leverage validation rules and workflows.   
D.    Leverage third-party- AppExchange tools  

Question # 19

Cloud Kicks has the following requirements: -  Data needs to be sent from Salesforce to an external system to generate invoices from their Order Management System (OMS).   -  A Salesforce administrator must be able to customize which fields will be sent to the external system without changing code.   What are two approaches for fulfilling these requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    A set<sobjectFieldset> to determine which fields to send in an HTTP callout.   
B.    An Outbound Message to determine which fields to send to the OMS.
C.    A Field Set that determines which fields to send in an HTTP callout.   
D.     Enable the field -level security permissions for the fields to send.  

Question # 20

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) plans to maintain contact preferences for customers and employees. NTO has implemented the following:   1.  Customers are Person Accounts for their retail business.   2.  Customers are represented as Contacts for their commercial business.   3.  Employees are maintained as Users.   4.  Prospects are maintained as Leads.   NTO needs to implement a standard communication preference management model for Person Accounts, Contacts, Users, and Leads. Which option should the data architect recommend NTO to satisfy this requirement?  

A.    Create custom fields for contact preferences in Lead, Person Account, and Users objects.   
B.    Create case for contact preferences, and use this to validate the preferences for Lead, Person Accounts, and Users.   
C.    Create a custom object to maintain preferences and build relationships to Lead, Person Account, and Users.   
D.    Use Individual objects to maintain the preferences with relationships to Lead, Person Account, and Users.   

Question # 21

Northern Trail Outfitters needs to implement an archive solution for Salesforce data. This archive solution needs to help NTO do the following:   1.      Remove outdated Information not required on a day-to-day basis.   2.      Improve Salesforce performance.   Which solution should be used to meet these requirements

A.          Identify a location to store archived data and use scheduled batch jobs to migrate and purge the aged data on a nightly basis,   
B.          Identify a location to store archived data, and move data to the location using a time-based workflow.   
C.          Use a formula field that shows true when a record reaches a defined age and use that field to run a report and export a report into SharePoint.   
D.          Create a full copy sandbox, and use it as a source for retaining archived data.  

Question # 22

Universal Containers (UC) has implemented a master data management strategy, which uses a central system of truth, to ensure the entire company has the same customer information in all systems. UC customer data changes need to be accurate at all times in all of the systems. Salesforce is the identified system of record for this information.  What is the correct solution for ensuring all systems using customer data are kept up to date?  

A.          Send customer data nightly to the system of truth in a scheduled batch job.   
B.          Send customer record changes from Salesforce to each system in a nightly batch job.   
C.          Send customer record changes from Salesforce to the system of truth in real time.   
D.          Have each system pull the record changes from Salesforce using change data capture.  

Question # 23

Universal Containers (UC) is migrating data from legacy system to Salesforce. During data analysis it was discovered that data types of fields being migrated do not match with Salesforce data types.   Which solution should a data architect use to ensure successful data migrations?

A.          Migrate legacy data to a staging database for mapping then leverage an ETL tool to transform the data and load into Salesforce.   
B.          Export legacy data into the staging database and leverage stored procedures to transform data types before loading into Salesforce.   
C.          Migrate the legacy data leveraging an ETL tool to transform data types and load data into Salesforce.   
D.          Export legacy data into CSV files and leverage data loader to load data into Salesforce.   

Question # 24

A health care provider wishes to use salesforce to track patient care. The following actions are in Salesforce Payment Providers: Orgas who pay for the care 2 patients 1.      Doctors: They provide care plan for patients and need to support multiple patients, they are provided access to patient information.  2.      Patients: They are individuals who need care.   A data architect needs to map the actor to Sf objects. What should be the optimal selection by the data architect?

A.          Patients as Contacts, Payment providers as Accounts, & Doctors as Accounts   
B.          Patients as Person Accounts, Payment providers as Accounts, & Doctors as Contacts   
C.          Patients as Person Accounts, Payment providers as Accounts, & Doctors as Person Account   
D.          Patients as Accounts, Payment providers as Accounts, & Doctors as Person Accounts   

Question # 25

Universal Containers keeps its Account data in Salesforce and its Invoice data in a third -party ERP system. They have connected the Invoice data through a Salesforce external object. They want data from both Accounts and Invoices visible in one report in one place. What two approaches should an architect suggest for achieving this solution? Choose 2 answers

A.          Create a report in an external system combining Salesforce Account data and Invoice data from the ERP.   
B.           Create a report combining data from the Account standard object and the Invoices external object
C.         Create a Visualforce page combining Salesforce Account data and Invoice external object data.   
D.           Create a separate Salesforce report for Accounts and Invoices and combine them in a dashboard.  

Question # 26

The data architect for UC has written a SOQL query that will return all records from the Task object that do not have a value in the WhatID field:   Select id, description, Subject from Task where WhatId!= NULL   When the data architect usages the query to select values for a process a time out error occurs. What does the data architect need to change to make this query more performat?

A.    Remove description from the requested field set.   
B.    Change query to SOSL.   
C.    Add limit 100 to the query.   
D.    Change the where clause to filter by a deterministic defined value.

Question # 27

Ursa Major Solar's legacy system has a quarterly accounts receivable report that compiles data from the following:   -  Accounts   -  Contacts   -  Opportunities   -  Orders   -  Order Line Items   Which issue will an architect have when implementing this in Salesforce?

A.          Custom report types CANNOT contain Opportunity data.   
B.          Salesforce does NOT support Orders or Order Line Items.   
C.          Salesforce does NOT allow more than four objects in a single report type.   
D.          A report CANNOT contain data from Accounts and Contacts.  

Question # 28

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has implemented Salesforce for its sales users. The opportunity management in Saiesforce Is implemented as follows:   1.  Sales users enter their opportunities in Salesforce for forecasting and reporting purposes.   2.  NTO has a product pricing system (PPS) that is used to update the Opportunity Amount field on opportunities on a daily basis.   3.  PPS is the trusted source within NTO for Opportunity Amount.   4.  NTO uses Opportunity Forecast for its sales planning and management.   Sales users have noticed that their updates to the Opportunity Amount field are overwritten when PPS updates their opportunities.   How should a data architect address this overwriting issue?

A.    Create a custom field for Opportunity amount that PSS updates separating the field sales user updates.   
B.    Change PSS integration to update only Opportunity Amount field when the value is null.   
C.    Change Opportunity Amount field access to Read Only for sales users field-level security.   
D.    Create a custom field for Opportunity amount that sales users update separating the field that PPS updates.   

Question # 29

NTO has implemented salesforce for its sales users. The opportunity management in salesforce is implemented as follows:   1.Sales users enter their opportunities in salesforce for forecasting and reporting purposes.   2.NTO has a product pricing system (PPS) that is used to update opportunity amount field on opportunities on a daily basis.   PPS is the trusted source within the NTO for opportunity amount. 4.NTO uses opportunity forecast for its sales planning and management. Sales users have noticed that their updates to the opportunity amount field are overwritten when PPS updates their opportunities.   How should a data architect address this overriding issue?

A.          Create a custom field for opportunity amount that sales users update separating the fields that PPS updates.   
B.          Create a custom field for opportunity amount that PPS updates separating the field that sales user updates.   
C.          Change opportunity amount field access to read only for sales users using field level security.   
D.          Change PPS integration to update only opportunity amount fields when values is NULL.  

Question # 30

Universal Containers has provided a web order form for its customer and has noticed invalid data coming in on orders.   What should be used to mitigate this problem?

A.    Work Flow Rules  
 B.    Formatted Fields   
C.    Apex Trigger   
D.    Validation Rules  

Question # 31

Universal Containers (UC) needs to move millions of records from an external enterprise resource planning (ERP) system into Salesforce.   What should a data architect recommend to be done while using the Bulk API in serial mode instead of parallel mode?

A.    Placing 20 batches on the queue for upset jobs.   
B.    Inserting 1 million orders distributed across a variety of accounts with potential lock exceptions.   
C.    Leveraging a controlled feed load with 10 batches per job.   
D.    Inserting 1 million orders distributed across a variety of accounts with lock exceptions eliminated and managed.  

Question # 32

A large telecommunication provider that provides internet services to both residence and business has the following attributes:   A customer who purchases its services for their home will be created as an Account in Salesforce. Individuals within the same house address will be created as Contact in Salesforce. Businesses are created as Accounts in Salesforce.   Some of the customers have both services at their home and business. What should a data architect recommend for a single view of these customers without creating multiple customer records?  

A.    Customers are created as Contacts and related to Business and Residential Accounts using the Account Contact Relationships.   
B.    Customers are created as Person Accounts and related to Business and Residential Accounts using the Account Contact relationship.   
C.    Customer are created as individual objects and relate with Accounts for Business and Residence accounts.   
D.    Costumers are created as Accounts for Residence Account and use Parent Account to relate Business Account.   

Question # 33

Universal Containers (UC) owns several Salesforce orgs across a variety of business units. UC management has declared that it needs the ability to report on Accounts and Opportunities from each org in one place. Once the data is brought together into a global view, management would like to use advanced Al-driven analytics on the dataset.   Which tool should a data architect recommend to accomplish this reporting requirement?

A.    Run standard reports and dashboards.   
B.    Install a third-party AppExchange tool for multi-org reporting.   
C.    Use Einstein Analytics for multi-org.   
D.    Write a Python script to aggregate and visualize the data.  

Question # 34

Universal Containers (UC) has built a custom application on Salesforce to help track shipments around the world. A majority of the shipping records are stored on premise in an external data source. UC needs shipment details to be exposed to the custom application, and the data needs to be accessible in real time. The external data source is not OData enabled, and UC does not own a middleware tool.   Which Salesforce Connect procedure should a data architect use to ensure UC's requirements are met?

A.    Write an Apex class that makes a REST callout to the external API.   
B.    Develop a process that calls an inviable web service method.   
C.    Migrate the data to Heroku and register Postgres as a data source.   
D.    Write a custom adapter with the Apex Connector Framework.  

Question # 35

A national nonprofit organization is using Salesforce to recruit members. The recruitment process requires a member to be matched with a volunteer opportunity. Given the following:   1.  A record is created in Project     c and used to track the project through completion.   2.  The member may then start volunteering and is required to track their volunteer hours, which is stored in VTOTime_c object related to the project.   3.  Ability to view or edit the VTOTime   c object needs to be the same as the Project     c record. 4.  Managers must see total hours volunteered while viewing the Project      c record.   Which data relationship should the data architect use to support this requirement whencreating the custom VTOTime c object?

A.    Lookup Field on Project_c to VTOTime_c displaying a list of VTOTime c in a related list. 
B.    Lookup field on VTOTime_c to Project_c with formula filed on Project     c showing Sum of hours from VTOTime c records. 
C.    Master Detail Field on VTOTime_ c to Project_c with rollup summary field on Project c showing sum of hours from VTOTime_c records.   
D.    Master Detail field on Project _c to VTOTime _c showing a list of VTOTime_c Records in a related list.

Question # 36

Cloud Kicks has the following requirements: • Their Shipment custom object must always relate to a Product, a Sender, and a Receiver (all separate custom objects). • If a Shipment is currently associated with a Product, Sender, or Receiver, deletion of those records should not be allowed. • Each custom object must have separate sharing models. What should an Architect do to fulfill these requirements? 

A. Associate the Shipment to each parent record by using a VLOOKUP formula field. 
B. Create a required Lookup relationship to each of the three parent records. 
C. Create a Master-Detail relationship to each of the three parent records. 
D. Create two Master-Detail and one Lookup relationship to the parent records. 

Question # 37

Universal Containers (UC) management has identified a total of ten text fields on the Contact object as important to capture any changes made to these fields, such as who made the change, when they made the change, what is the old value, and what is the new value. UC needs to be able to report on these field data changes within Salesforce for the past 3 months. What are two approaches that will meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers 

A. Create a workflow to evaluate the rule when a record is created and use field update actions to store previous values for these ten fields in ten new fields. 
B. Write an Apex trigger on Contact after insert event and after update events and store the old values in another custom object.
 C. Turn on field Contact object history tracking for these ten fields, then create reports on contact history. 
D. Create a Contact report including these ten fields and Salesforce Id, then schedule the report to run once a day and send email to the admin. 

Question # 38

The data architect for UC has written a SOQL query that will return all records from the Task object that do not have a value in the WhatId field: Select id, description, Subject from Task where WhatId != NULL When the data architect usages the query to select values for a process a time out error occurs. What does the data architect need to change to make this query more performant? 

A. Remove description from the requested field set. 
B. Change query to SOSL. ?? 
C. Add limit 100 to the query. 
D. Change the where clause to filter by a deterministic defined value. 

Question # 39

NTO has decided that it is going to build a channel sales portal with the following requirements: 1.External resellers are able to authenticate to the portal with a login. 2.Lead data, opportunity data and order data are available to authenticated users. 3.Authenticated users many need to run reports and dashboards. 4.There is no need for more than 10 custom objects or additional file storage. Which community cloud license type should a data architect recommend to meet the portal requirements? 

A. Customer community.
 B. Lightning external apps starter.
 C. Customer community plus. 
D. Partner community. 

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