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Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Sample Questions

Question # 1

Refer to the codebelow:
function foo () {
const a =2;
function bat() {
return bar;
Why does the function bar have access tovariable a ?

A. Inner function’s scope
B. Hoisting
C. Outer function’s scope
D. Prototype chain

Question # 2

A developer has two ways to write a function:
Option A:
function Monster() {
This.growl = () => {
Console.log (“Grr!”);
Option B:
function Monster() {};
Monster.prototype.growl =() => {
After deciding on an option, thedeveloper creates 1000 monster objects.
How many growl methods are created with Option A Option B?

A. 1 growl method is created for Option A.1000 growl methods are created for Option B.
B. 1000 growl method is created for Option A. 1 growl methods are created for Option B.
C. 1000 growl methods are created regardless of which option is used.
D. 1 growl method is created regardless of whichoption is used.

Question # 3

Given the code below:
Setcurrent URL ();
console.log(‘The current URL is: ‘ +url );
functionsetCurrentUrl() {
Url = window.location.href:
What happens when the code executes?

A. The url variable has local scope and line 02throws an error.
B. The url variable has global scope and line 02 executes correctly.
C. The url variable has global scope and line 02 throws an error.
D. The url variable has local scope and line 02 executes correctly.

Question # 4

Refer to the code below:

Line 05 causes an error.
What are the values of greeting and salutationonce code completes?

A. Greeting is Hello and salutation is Hello, Hello.
B. Greeting is Goodbye and salutation is Hello, Hello.
C. Greeting is Goodbye and salutation is I say Hello.
D. Greeting is Hello and salutation is I say hello.

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks has a classto represent items for sale in an online store, as shown below:
Class Item{
constructor (name, price){ = name;
this.price = price;
return ‘s’ + String(this.price);}}
A new business requirement comes in that requests a ClothingItem class that should have
all of
the properties and methods of the Item class but will also have properties that are specific
Which line of code properly declares the clothingItem class such that it inherits from

A. Class ClothingItemimplements Item{
B. Class ClothingItem {
C. Class ClothingItem super Item {
D. Class ClothingItem extends Item {

Question # 6

Refer to code below:
function Person() {
this.firstName = ’John’;
Person.prototype ={
Job: x => ‘Developer’
const myFather = new Person();
const result=myFather.firstName+ ‘ ‘ + myFather.job();
What is the value of the result after line 10 executes?

A. Error: myFather.job is not a function
B. Undefined Developer
C. John undefined
D. John Developer

Question # 7

Given the code below:
Which three code segments result in a correct conversion from number to string? Choose

A. let strValue = numValue. toString();
B. let strValue = * * 4 numValue;
C. let strValue = numValue.toText ();
D. let scrValue = String(numValue);
E. let strValue = (String)numValue;

Question # 8

A developer is leading the creation of a new browser application that will serve a single
page application. The teamwants to use a new web framework Minimalsit.js.The Lead
developer wants to advocate for a more seasoned web framework that already has a
community around it.
Which two frameworks should the lead developer advocate for?
Choose 2 answers

A. Vue
B. Angular
C. Koa
D. Express

Question # 9

Given the code below:

Which method can be used to provide a visual representation of the list of users and to
allow sorting by the name or email attribute?

A. ;
B. console.table(usersList) ;
C. ;
D. console.groupCol lapsed (usersList) ;

Question # 10

Given the code below:
const copy = JSON.stringify([ newString(‘ false ’), new Bollean( false ), undefined ]);
What is the value of copy?

A. -- [ \”false\” , { } ]--
B. -- [ false, { } ]--
C. -- [ \”false\” , false, undefined ]--
D. -- [ \”false\” ,false, null ]--

Question # 11

A developer creates a simple webpage with an input field. When a user enters text in the
input field and clicks the button, the actual value of the field must bedisplayedin the
Here is the HTML file content:
<input type =” text” value=”Hello” name =”input”>
<button type =”button” >Display </button> The developer wrote the javascript code below:
Const button = document.querySelector(‘button’);
button.addEvenListener(‘click’, () => (
Const input = document.querySelector(‘input’);
When the user clicks the button, the output is always “Hello”.
What needs to be done to make this code work as expected?

A. Replace line 04 with console.log(input .value);
B. Replace line 03 with const input = document.getElementByName(‘input’);
C. Replace line 02 with button.addCallback(“click”, function() {
D. Replace line 02 with button.addEventListener(“onclick”, function() {

Question # 12

A developer has an ErrorHandler module that contains multiple functions.
What kind of export should be leveraged so that multiple functions can be used?

A. all
B. named
C. multi
D. default

Question # 13

Which code change should be done for the console to log the followingwhen 'Click me!' is
> Row log
> Table log

A. Remove lines 13 and14
B. Change line 10 to event.stopPropagation (false) ;
C. Change line 14 to elem.addEventListener ('click', printMessage, true);
D. Remove line 10

Question # 14

Given the followingcode, what is the value of x?
let x = ‘15' + (10 * 2);

A. 35
B. 50
C. 1520
D. 3020

Question # 15

A developer wants to create an object from a function in the browser using the code below.

What happens due to the lack of the mm keyword on line 02?

A. is assigned to'hello' and the variable = remains undefined.
B. window.m Is assigned the correct object.
C. The m variable is assigned the correct object but remains undefined.
D. The m variable is assigned the correct object.

Question # 16

A developer wants to use a module called DataPrettyPrint. This module exports one default
functioncalled printDate ().
How can a developer import and use the printDate() function?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 17

A developer has a formatName function that takes two arguments, firstName and lastName
and returns a string. They want to schedule the
function to run once after five seconds.
What is the correctsyntax toschedule this function?

A. setTimeout (formatName(), 5000, "John", "BDoe");
B. setTimeout (formatName('John', ‘'Doe'), 5000);
C. setTimout(() => { formatName("John', 'Doe') }, 5000);
D. setTimeout ('formatName', 5000, 'John", "Doe');

Question # 18

A developer initiates a server with thefile server,js and adds dependencies in the source
codes package,json that are required to run the server.
Which command should the developer run to start the server locally?

A. start server,js
B. npm start server,js
C. npm start
D. node start

Question # 19

Refer to the HTML below:

Which JavaScript statement results in changing “ The Lion.”?

A. document.querySelectorAll(‘$main $TONY’).innerHTML = ’“ The Lion
B. document.querySelector(‘$main li:second-child’).innerHTML = “The Lion ’;
C. document.querySelector(‘$main li.Tony’).innerHTML = ’“ The Lion ’;
D. document.querySelector(‘$main li:nth-child(2)’),innerHTML = “ The Lion. ’;

Question # 20

Refer of the string below:
Const str = ‘sa;esforce’=;
Which two statement result in the word 'Sale'?
Choose 2 answers

A. str, substring(0,5) ;
B. str, substr(0,5) ;
C. str, substring(1,5) ;
D. str, substr(1,5) ;

Question # 21

A developer receives a comment from the Tech Lead that thecode given below has
const monthName = ‘July’;
const year = 2019;
if(year === 2019) {
monthName =‘June’;
Which line edit should be made to make this code run?

A. 01 let monthName =’July’;
B. 02 let year =2019;
C. 02 const year = 2020;
D. 03 if(year == 2019) {

Question # 22

Refer to the code declarations below:

Whichthree expressions return the string JavaScript?
Choose 3 answers

A. Str1.join (str2);
B. Str1.concat (str2);
C. Concat (str1, str2);
D. $(str1) $ (str2} ‘;
E. Str1 + str2;

Question # 23

Which option istrue about the strict mode in imported modules?

A. Add the statement use non-strict, before any other statements in the module toenablenot-strict mode.
B. You can only reference notStrict() functions from the imported module.
C. Imported modules are in strict mode whether you declare them as such or not.
D. Add the statement use strict =false; before any other statements in the module toenablenot- strict mode.

Question # 24

Refer to code below:
Const objBook = {
Title: ‘Javascript’,
Const newObjBook = objBook; =‘Robert’;
What are the values of objBook and newObjBook respectively ?

A. [title: “javaScript”] [title: “javaScript”]
B. {author: “Robert”, title: “javaScript}Undefined
C. {author: “Robert”, title: “javaScript}{author: “Robert”, title: “javaScript}
D. {author: “Robert”}{author: “Robert”, title: “javaScript}

Question # 25

Given the JavaScript below:
01 function filterDOM (searchString) {
02 constparsedSearchString = searchString && searchString.toLowerCase() ;
03 document.quesrySelectorAll(‘ .account’ ) . forEach(account => (
04 const accountName = account.innerHTML.toLOwerCase();
05 account. Style.display = accountName.includes(parsedSearchString) ? /*Insert
06 )};
07 }
Which code should replace the placeholder comment on line 05 to hide accounts that do
not match thesearch string?

A. ‘ name ’ : ‘ block ’
B. ‘ Block ’ : ‘ none ’
C. ‘ visible ’ : ‘ hidden ’
D. ‘ hidden ’ : ‘ visible ’

Question # 26

Considering the implications of 'use strict' on line 04, which three statements describe the
execution of the code?
Choose 3 answers

A. z is equal to 3.14.
B. 'use strict' is hoisted, so it has an effect on all lines.
C. 'use strict' has an effect only on line 05.
D. 'use strict' has an effect between line 04 and theend of the file.
E. Line 05 throws an error.

Question # 27

Refer to the following code:

Which statement should be added to line 09 for the code to display. The boat has a
capacity of 10 people?

A. super.size = size;
B. ship.size size;
C. super (size);
D. this.size = size;

Question # 28

A developer is working onan ecommerce website where the delivery date is dynamically
calculated based on the current day. The code line below is responsible for this calculation.
Const deliveryDate = new Date ();
Due to changes in the business requirements, the delivery date mustnow be today’s
date + 9 days.
Which code meets thisnew requirement?

A. deliveryDate.setDate(( new Date ( )).getDate () +9);
B. deliveryDate.setDate( Date.current () + 9);
C. = new Date(+9) ;
D. = Date.current () + 9;

Question # 29

Refer to the following code:
<html lang=”en”>
<divonclick = “console.log(‘Outer message’) ;”>
<button id =”myButton”>CLick me<button>
function displayMessage(ev) {
console.log(‘Inner message.’);
const elem = document.getElementById(‘myButton’);
elem.addEventListener(‘click’ , displayMessage);
</script> </html>
What will the console show when the button is clicked?

A. Outer message
B. Outer messageInner message
C. Inner messageOuter message
D. Inner message

Question # 30

Refer to the code below:
ConstresolveAfterMilliseconds = (ms) => Promise.resolve (
setTimeout ((=> console.log(ms), ms ));
Const aPromise = await resolveAfterMilliseconds(500);
Const bPromise = await resolveAfterMilliseconds(500);
Await aPromise, wait bPromise;
What is the result of running line 05?

A. aPromise and bPromise run sequentially.
B. Neither aPromise or bPromise runs.
C. aPromise and bPromise run in parallel.
D. Only aPromise runs.

Question # 31

A developer is asked to fix some bugs reported by users. To do that, the developer adds
abreakpoint for debugging.
Function Car (maxSpeed, color){
This.maxspeed =masSpeed;
This.color= color;
Let carSpeed = document.getElementById(‘ CarSpeed’);
Debugger; Let fourWheels =new Car (carSpeed.value, ‘red’);
When the code execution stops at the breakpoint on line 06, which two types of information
available in the browser console ?
Choose 2 answers:

A. The values of the carSpeed and fourWheels variables
B. A variable displaying the number of instances created for the Car Object.
C. The style, event listeners and other attributes applied to the carSpeed DOM element
D. The informationstored in the window.localStorage property

Question # 32

A developer is setting up a Node,js server and is creating a script at the root of the source
code, index,js, that will start the server when executed. The developer declares a variable
that needsthe folder location that the code executes from.
Which global variable can be used in the script?

A. window.location
B. _filename
C. _dirname
D. this.path

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