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Salesforce Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A nonprofit wants to migratemillions of Contact records from a legacy system. Most reco fail to import with the following error: "npsp.TDTM_Address: System.LimitException: Apex

CPU time limit exceeded".
Which three actions could a consultant take to successfully import this data?
Choose 3 answers

A. Enable "Simple Address Change Treated as Update' in Address Settings.
B. Check 'User Managed' on the Address TDTM record.
C. Disable all automation and load the Address object separately.
D. Disable 'ADDR_Addresses_TDTM' Handler in Trigger Configuration.
E. Reduce the batch size significantly when addresses are included.

Question # 2

The requirements for a Salesforce implementation have been gathered, but there are
teams with competing priorities and the overall project goalsare undefined.
What are two reasons a project team must define goals?
Choose 2 answers

A. Goals guarantee executive engagement.
B. Goals provide a way to measure and prove results.
C. Goals define a clear purpose for the project.
D. Goals catalog all of the teams' pain points.

Question # 3

A data administrator at a small nonprofit has 3 profile that allows them to Read, Create,
Edit,and Delete on all objects. The staff member receives an error when attempting to
merge three duplicate contacts.
What should the consultant recommend to resolve this issue?

A. Tell the staff member to select only two instead of three contacts when using ContactMerge.
B. Make the staff member a system admin.
C. Create a Permission Set with Modify All on Contacts and Accounts and assign it to thestaff member.
D. Tell the staff member to merge Contacts from the View Duplicates component.

Question # 4

An admin at a nonprofit using NPSP finds that the donation totals on a handful of donor's
records are not showing the right totals.
How should the consultant troubleshootthis?

A. Check if the correct Operation is chosen
B. Verify Opportunity Primary Contact
C. Check if the correct target custom field is chosen
D. Verify Customizable Rollups is enabled

Question # 5

A nonprofit sends direct mail appeals via a third-party mail house. The nonprofit pulls a
report from NPSP to send to the mail house with address information for each constituent
who should receive an appeal. Some constituents prefer to receive mail at an address
other than their primary household address.
How should aconsultant access a list of those who do not reside at their household mailing

A. Create a custom report type for Addresses and a filter for Address Override = True.
B. Create a Contacts and Accounts report and add a filter for Address Override =True.
C. Create a Contacts and Accounts report and add a filter for Primary Address Type -Other.
D. Create a Campaign and run the Household Mailing List report.

Question # 6

A nonprofit organization has been informed of a deceased donor and wants to ensure that
the donor no longer appears on any mailing lists. Which action shouldthe nonprofit
organization take on the donor's contact record?

A. Delete the values in the phone and email fields
B. Delete the Contact record
C. Select the Deceased field
D. Select the Do Not Email, Do Not Contact, and Email Opt Out fields

Question # 7

A nonprofit has a membershipprogram it wants to manage in Salesforce.
What are two items the consultant needs to configure so the membership rollups in NPSP
work properly?

A. Create a custom field for Membership Amount and select it for membership rollups.
B. Select the membership record type for membership rollups.
C. Create an Opportunity record type for memberships.
D. Set a grace period for memberships.

Question # 8

A consultant sot up and successfully tested anintegration between the source system and a
sandbox environment of Salesforce When the integration was switched to the production
environment of Salesforce, the consultant encountered API call limit errors.
What is the likely explanation for this?

A. Testing of the integration in the sandbox environment was insufficient.
B. The incorrect sandbox environment was used for testing.
C. The triggers associated with NPSP were disabled in the sandbox environment.
D. The API call limits were different for sandbox and production environments.

Question # 9

A system admin is trying to figure whether the nonprofit's internal release schedule conflicts
with either or major releases.
What are two facts about majorreleases the consultant could share with the
Choose 2 answers

A. The release schedule can be found on the SFDO Major ReleaseAnnouncements group.
B. major releases follow the same schedule as releases.
C. The release schedule can be found on the Salesforce Trust website.
D. major releases arrive approximately one month after Salesforce.comreleases.

Question # 10

A nonprofit wants its staff to spend most of their time in Salesforce. but the staff needs
access to several other applications as well. The nonprofit wants a solution that allows staff
to use other applications without leaving Salesforce.
How shouldthe consultant integrate these applications?

A. Implement Salesforce Canvas
B. Configure External Data Sources
C. Configure External Objects
D. Implement Distributed Marketing

Question # 11

A nonprofit wants to use Volunteers for Salesforce for volunteer management. Which
action should aconsultant take before installing the package?

A. Apply for license donation for Volunteers for Salesforce.
B. Check that the nonprofit has the most recent NPSP release.
C. Ensure the Program Management Module Is already Installed.
D. Compare usage of roll-up summary fields to limits.

Question # 12

A nonprofit using NPSP has just implemented the Program Management Module. The
nonprofit wants to migrate its client and program data.
Which twosteps should the consultant use to import and deduplicate the data against
existing records?
Choose 2 answers

A. Upload the program data using the NfSP Data Importer.
B. Upload the client data using the Data Import Wizard.
C. Upload the client informationusing the NPSP Data Importer.
D. Upload the program data using the Data Import Wizard.

Question # 13

A consultant is planning to use Accounting Subledger and migrate 20 years of donation
data into NPSP for a nonprofit that receives more than 200,000 donations eachyear.
Which two features should the consultant consider implementing to improve search
performance? Choose 2 answers

A. Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL)
B. Skinny Tables
C. Custom Index
D. Salesforce Optimizer

Question # 14

A consultant began an implementation project with a nonprofit that is new to Salesforce.
The nonprofit's leadership is hesitant to spend time at the beginning of the project on
change management.
What are three reasons the consultant can share to emphasize the value and importance
of governance?
Choose 3 answers

A. Cost savings
B. Compliance
C. Security
D. Technical Interoperability
E. Delivery Speed

Question # 15

A developer wrote atrigger on the Contact object.
What are two benefits of using Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM) the consultant
should discuss with the developer?
Choose 2 answers

A. Review code coverage.
B. Control the order in which the code executes.
C. Identify code that is unused.
D. Disable specific pieces of code.

Question # 16

A consultant wants to test out new Nonprofit Cloudfeatures coming out in the upcoming
Salesforce release in their customs..
Which action must the consultant take to do this?

A. Refresh a preview Instance sandbox just prior to sandbox preview period.
B. Refresh a preview instance sandbox during the sandboxpreview period.
C. Create a new sandbox during the sandbox preview period.
D. Create a preview instance sandbox during the sandbox preview period.

Question # 17

Anonprofit enters donation data both into Salesforce and an external accounting system to
reconcile. This process is time-consuming.
What should the consultant recommend to reduce manual data entry and improve

A. Accounting Subledger
B. NPSP Data Importer Templates
C. Data Import Wizard
D. Advanced Mapping

Question # 18

A nonprofit hired a consultant to restart a stalled implementation. The nonprofit identified
needs by documenting its Salesforce vision and pain points, and by defining specific goals
withuser stories.
What are two components of a user story the nonprofit should consider?
Choose 2 answers

A. Align each story to the implementation vision.
B. Associate an epic to each story.
C. Assign a priority to each story.
D. Include configurationinstructions on each story.

Question # 19

Adevelopment officer wants to integrate wealth scoring information into Salesforce.
Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Pardot
B. Philanthropy Cloud
C. Salesforce Optimizer
D. A third-party app on the AppExchange

Question # 20

When a system admin for a nonprofit times to import data into the NPSP Data Import
Object, the error message: "The matching field you chose (Record ID) is not mapped and
is required for an Update and Insert operation" appears.
What are two actions the system admin can take to resolve the error?
Choose 2 answers

A. Select the appropriate Record ID in the Salesforce Data Import Wizard.
B. Select "Insert" if the admin is using the Salesforce Data Loader.
C. Select "Upsert" if the admin is using the Salesforce Data Loader.
D. Select --None-- for all matching fields if the admin is using the Salesforce Data ImportWizard.

Question # 21

A nonprofit using Salesforce configured with Person Accounts has recently installed NPSP
into its org.
Which two configurations should a consultant set to ensure that Person Accounts and
NPSP can coexist?
Choose 2 answers

A. The Household record type in NPSP Settings is different than the Person Accountsrecord type.
B. Create a validation rule to prevent the creation of Person Accounts.
C. The default record type for profiles of any user who converts leads is different than thePerson Account record type.
D. Remove permissions to Person Accounts for all profiles except System Admin.

Question # 22

A nonprofit has significant staffturnover and wants to ensure that the purpose of Salesforce
field customization is clearly understood by system admins who are new to the nonprofit.
How should the consultant meet the requirement?

A. Run and view the Setup Audit Trail.
B. Complete all field descriptions.
C. Run the Schema Builder.
D. Create a field history report.

Question # 23

A gift officer is entering donationsand wants to track that the donor responded to the most
recent direct mail campaign.
Which feature should the consultant configure to record the donor's campaign response?

A. Custonwable Rollups
B. Automatic Campaign Member Management
C. Sales Process
D. Customizable Campaign Influence

Question # 24

A nonprofit organization has white papers, case studies, and impact reports on its website.
Theorganization wants to track website visitors who download those assets. Once tracked,
the organization wants to pursue the visitor as a constituent. Which solution should be

A. Affiliation record
B. Relationship record
C. NPSP Settings
D. Opportunity Settings

Question # 25

A case manager wants to assign a group of servicesto a client.
What should the consultant ensure is configured prior to the case manager using the Case
Plan Wizard?

A. A Program with Goals
B. A Program with Goals and Action Item Templates
C. A new Case Plan
D. A Program with Action Item Templates

Question # 26

A nonprofit wants to run an enrollment report for its education classes.
Which Program Management Module object should the consultant use to build the report?

A. Service Delivery
B. Program Engagement
C. Program Cohort
D. Service

Question # 27

A nonprofit using NPSP receives funding it uses to award grants to national and local arts
organizations. Thenonprofit wants to track the funds it receives and allocates.
What should a consultant recommend to the nonprofit-?

A. Configure NPSP Settings to track inbound and outbound funds.
B. Configure NPSP Settings grants management functionality.
C. Install the Program Management Module.
D. Install the Outbound Funds Module.

Question # 28

A nonprofit is rolling out a newimplementation of Salesforce and NPSP containing custom
code. The project go-live date is a few days before a Salesforce release. Theproject team
has proposed developing in a sandbox on a preview instance to review new features and
then deploy to production prior to the release date.
Which important consideration should the consultant discuss with the project team?

A. The API version in the preview sandbox differs from Production.
B. A support case is required to request a preview sandbox.
C. A preview sandbox has limited metadata storage.
D. A preview sandbox is only available in the Unlimited Edition.

Question # 29

A consultant for a nonprofit needs to upload data that contains payments on existing
opportunities in Salesforce using donation matching in the NPSP Data Importer.
After agift is successfully matched to an existing record, which two updates may occur?
Choose 2 answers

A. The Stage of the Opportunity will change to Closed/Won.
B. The open Payment will be marked as Paid.
C. A Payment will be added to the Opportunity.
D. The Opportunity amount will include the new payment amount.

Question # 30

A nonprofit receives grants so it can offer scholarships to students who attend the
nonprofit*s community training programs.

A. NPSP to track the grants the nonprofit receives; Gift Entry to track the scholarships thenonprofit offers; Education Data Architecture to track the training programs.
B. Program Management Module to track the grants the nonprofit receives; OutboundFunds Module to track the scholarships the nonprofit offers; Education Data Architecture totrack the training programs.
C. Outbound Funds to track the grants the nonprofit receives; NPSP to track thescholarships the nonprofit offers; Education Data Architecture to track the trainingprograms
D. NPSP to track the grants the nonprofit receives; Outbound Funds Moduleto trackscholarships the nonprofit offers; Program Management Module to track the trainingprograms

Question # 31

A user at a nonprofit is trying to run a mailing list report on a campaign using the NPSP
Household Mailing Listbutton. They receive an error saying, "the data you are trying to
access is unavailable." The button works as expected for the system administrator.
What should the consultant advise to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Check if the user has access to the Apex Class for Manage Households.
B. Check if the Campaign ID filter in the Campaign Household Mailing List report isunlocked.
C. Check if the user has the View Reports in Public Folders system permission.
D. Check if the user has access to Households via Rolehierarchy.

Question # 32

A volunteer with a nonprofit works at Universal Containers. The volunteer is recorded in
Salesforce as part of the Household's account record, but Universal Containers needs to
be entered into the Salesforce system.
How should a consultant track the volunteer's relationship with Universal Containers?

A. Create a Universal Containers Organization Account and create a Relationship recordbetween the volunteer and Universal Containers.
B. Create a Universal Containers Organization Account and create an Affiliation recordbetween the volunteer and Universal Containers.
C. Create a Lead for the volunteer at Universal Containers and create a Relationshiprecord between the volunteer Lead and the volunteer Contact.
D. Create a Lead for the volunteer at Universal Containers and create an Affiliation recordbetween the volunteer Lead and Universal Containers.

Question # 33

A nonprofit wants to deploy Nonprofit Cloud Case Management into its production org.
Which two prerequisites should be consideredprior to installing Case Management?
Choose 2 answers

A. Install NPSP
B. Enable My Domain
C. Ensure appropriate licenses are provisioned
D. Ensure Volunteers for Salesforce is properly configured

Question # 34

A nonprofit is getting ready to go live with its Nonprofit Cloud implementation.
Which two sandbox configuration options can the consultant create to ensure effective user
acceptance testing and training?
Choose 2 answers

A. Partial Data Sandbox
B. Developer Sandbox
C. Developer Pro Sandbox
D. Full Data Sandbox

Question # 35

A nonprofit, who does a lot of mail appeals todonors, asks their consultant for the best
solution to keep their constituents' addresses formatted properly to ensure the mail reaches
What should the consultant recommend?

A. Insights Platform Data Integrity
B. Sender Authentication Package
C. Customer Data Platform
D. NPSP Address Management

Question # 36

A donor has committed to give a consistent amount every month. The nonprofit wants to
updatethe schedule to reflect one-time adjustments to this amount.
What should the consultant recommend to record the regular donations correctly7

A. Implement Enhanced Recurring Donations.
B. Create scheduled Payments.
C. Create a process using Process Builder.
D. Clone Opportunities with Payments.

Question # 37

A nonprofit wants a report that shows Opportunity and General Accounting Unit (GAU)
custom field data for gifts to the "General Fund' GAU. The nonprofit wants to add filters so
only the gifts connected to the 'Annual Campaign' are shown.
Which report should the consultant implement?

A. GAU Allocations with Opportunity report type and filter on the Opportunity object for thePrimary Campaign Source = 'Annual Campaign' and filter on the GAU Allocation object forGeneral Accounting Unit = 'General Fund'
B. Opportunity report type with cross filter for Opportunities with GAU Allocations with filteron the cross filter for Campaign = 'Annual Campaign' and General Accounting Unit ='General Fund'
C. Opportunity report type with cross filter for Opportunities with GAU Allocations and filter on Opportunity object for the Primary Campaign Source = 'Annual Campaign' and on theGAU Allocations object for General Accounting Unit » 'General Fund'
D. GAU Allocations with Opportunity report type and filter on the GAU Allocation object forCampaign = 'Annual Campaign" and General Accounting Unit = 'General Fund'

Question # 38

A nonprofit organization wants to add any donor who gives to its Capital Fund to the
Capital Campaign. Which two steps should betaken to accomplish this?

A. Populate the Primary Campaign Source field on the Opportunity record
B. Upload a list of all donors as Campaign Members using the Data Import Wizard
C. Enable the Automatic Campaign Member Management in NPSP settings
D. Createa trigger that automatically adds any donor as a Campaign Member

Question # 39

A nonprofit client wants to connect directly to other nonprofits using Salesforce who have a very similar business use case. Which resource is designed for this purpose? 

A. Power of Us Hub Solution Exchange 
B. website 
C. Trailblazer Community User Group 
D. AppExchange 

Question # 40

A nonprofit organization is retiring its legacy donor,donation, and payment processing systems. The organization wants to load 45,000 records into Salesforce from a single flat file. Which tool should be used to create all of the records at once? 

A. Import Wizard 
B. Data Loader 
C. NPSP Data Import 
D. ETL Tool 

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