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Learn To Pass The Salesforce Certified Sales Representative Exam

Not everyone is lucky enough to understand how they can pass this exam. Being one of the most admired credentials among sales representatives, this is no child’s task. You require assistance to understand the necessary steps to pass the exam.

There is more to Salesforce-Sales-Representative question answers than what meets the eye. A certified sales representative shows excellence using customer-centric methodologies.

If you want to learn how to establish trustable relations with customers, ensure a deal’s success, and take full ownership of the sales process, then learning Salesforce-Sales-Representative braindumps is the key.

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Do you want to help customers plan, manage, and analyze their business’ sales future? Did you know that the Salesforce Certified Sales Representative is a 105-minute credential exam? The exam shows that a candidate is a credible sales representative by solving 60 multiple-choice questions covering the following subject areas:

  • ●  Planning: 21%
  • ●  Customer Engagement: 15%
  • ●  Deal Management: 37%
  • ●  Pipeline Management: 12%
  • ●  Forecasting: 6%
  • ●  Customer Success: 9%

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Salesforce Salesforce-Sales-Representative Sample Questions

Question # 1

A sales representative's existing customer is opening offices in new regions.
What should the sales rep focus on to increase the contract value?

A. Efficiency target
B. Growth target
C. Expansion target

Question # 2

What are the key elements of a successful cold call?

A. Several short questions and a shared link to product descriptions on the companywebsite
B. A compelling hook that ties in a product or service and open-ended questions
C. Details about the decision maker and a follow-up with them soon after the call

Question # 3

After verbally agreeing to the price and receiving a formal agreement, the customer informs
the sales representative they are delaying the signature due to concerns about a liability
Which customer role should the sales rep meet with to address the concerns?

A. Legal
B. Operations
C. Finance

Question # 4

A sales representative identifies a strong business case for a customer and hosts a demo
to show them potential offerings and solutions.
What is the next sales pipeline stage the sales rep should enter to summarize and address
the potential customer's needs?

A. Lead Qualification
B. Prospecting
C. Proposal

Question # 5

When assessing the risks and opportunities of a deal, why is it important to consider the
duration of a contract?

A. Longer contracts increase cash flow predictability.
B. Longer contracts increase flexibility on delivery timescales.
C. Shorter contracts increase leverage for negotiation.

Question # 6

In the context of deal management, why is it important for a sales representative to earn a
deeper level of trust and access to decision makers within the customer's organization?

A. To enhance the sales rep's understanding of the customer's needs
B. To increase the sales rep's personal network and influence
C. To gain access to information about the customer's competitors

Question # 7

How can a sales representative best identify a customer's challenges and initiatives?

A. Elicit detailed responses by asking open-ended questions during meetings.
B. Present an overview of new products their company has brought to market.
C. Ask "yes" or "no" questions to make the discussion efficient.

Question # 8

When assigned a new sales territory, what is the first step to prioritizing selling efforts?

A. Determine the physical location of each account.
B. Determine the number of accounts and territory size.
C. Identify the territory's key accounts.

Question # 9

A sales representative learns from a survey that a strategic customer has a low satisfaction
score because they are using only some of the products in their contract.
What should the sales rep do first to improve customer satisfaction?

A. Offer a comprehensive demo of the products to the customer.
B. Encourage the customer to purchase additional products.
C. Add the customer to an educational marketing campaign.

Question # 10

A sales representative is looking for ways to engage with a prospect at a greenfield
account on a digital platform.
Which customer-centric approach should be used by the sales rep?

A. Promote a prospect's content on social media.
B. Upsell to a prospect at an existing account.
C. Send an email with content links to a prospect.

Question # 11

A sales representative wants to foster team selling, increase customer satisfaction, and
decrease customer attrition at a critical account.
Which business capability can help implement these goals?

A. Territory Management
B. Account Planning
C. Account and Contact Management

Question # 12

A sales representative spends time building their pipeline with many opportunities. Their
conversion percentage is fairly high, yet the total pipeline volume is far from their quota.
Which strategy would help the sales rep increase their pipeline health?

A. Be patient knowing that the numbers will eventually improve over time.
B. Challenge their manager about whether their sales quota is realistic.
C. Analyze the potential deal size and decision makers' authority.

Question # 13

A forecast is based on the rollup of a set of opportunities.
What are three dimensions in a forecast rollup?

A. Contacts, product family, and revenue
B. Time, categories, and territories
C. Quotes, contacts, and territories

Question # 14

A sales representative is having challenges getting access to the decision maker to close a
How can the sales rep convince their contact to make an introduction to the decision

A. Focus the discussion on the contact's role and responsibilities.
B. Share a customer success story based on real-world use cases and results.
C. Increase the frequency of engagement with the contact.

Question # 15

A sales representative is challenged by a customer with a competitor's product and
Which skill does the sales rep need to address this challenge?

A. Sales acumen
B. Product knowledge
C. Forecasting

Question # 16

A sales representative presented a solution and overcame the objections, but the prospect
is still not completely ready to commit. The sales rep suspects the prospect is unsure about
the product and will want to return it. The sales rep decides to let the prospect try out the
product for a predetermined period.
Which type of close was chosen?

A. Summary
B. Puppy Dog
C. Assumptive

Question # 17

A sales representative is trying to engage a prospect who is unresponsive to cold calls.
Which approach can the sales rep take as an alternative to build interest and align on why
a solution meets the prospect's needs?

A. Engage the prospect through different channels.
B. Pause engagement and follow up at another time.
C. Try calling the prospect at different times.

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