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Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

Given the sandbox with: Service configured and assigned to its profile and credential A code version that uses that service And given the requirement to limit the number of success or error calls the code can perform to a restricted number ofcalls per second. Which configuration should the developer perform?

A. Set the service as limited and change the services profile site preferences with the required values. 
B. Set the rate limiter in the service profile and configure its values with the ones required. 
C. Set a new quota limit for the service profile and assign the service to it. 

Question # 2

Which two items are appropriate content of custom logs implemented atcheckout? Choose 2 answers:

A. Customer’s password at post-checkout sign up
 B. Order failure information 
C. Transaction’s credit card information 
D. Payment gateway service response code 

Question # 3

The developer needs to add custom category debug logging into the “contact’’ script, to ensure that a third-party service call responds as expected. Assuming that the logging configurations for the contact category are correctly in place, which line of code should the developer add in the 06 placeholder to meet this requirement?

A. Option A 
B. Option B
 C. Option C 

Question # 4

A Digital Developer added afile named MyBusinessController.js in the cartridge named app_project. The project design calls for this new file to override MyBusinessController.js in client_project. The client_project cartridge contains other necessary functionality. Additional functionality is also included in the storefront_core and storefront_controllers cartridges. Which cartridge path meets the project requirements?

A. client_project:app_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core 
B. app_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core 
C. app_project:client_project:storefront_controllers:storefront_core 
D. storefront_core:storefront_controllers:client_project:app_project 

Question # 5

A developeris importing edits for two different sites into the same sandbox, and is provided with four different files. Which two XML files should the developer import using the site-specific Merchant Tools import modules, instead of the Administration section import modules? Choose 2 answers.

A. System type extensions (solo en Sites) 
B. Site Jobs (sites) 
C. Search Settings En (search y en Sites) 
D. Promotions ( en sites y en online marketing) 

Question # 6

A DigitalDeveloper has a new requirement to disable the "Discover" credit card type for all checkouts. What does the Developer need to change in Business Manager to fulfill this requirement?

A. Checkout exclusion rules in the Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Checkout Preferences module. 
B. Credit card exclusion rules in the Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Payment Preferences module.
C. Credit cards in the Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Methods module. 
D. Credit card exclusion rules in the CreditCardType.json configuration file. 

Question # 7

A developer wants to create in Business Manager extension with thecartridge named plugin_vm_extension. Which two steps should the developer take for the extension option to show up in Business Manager?Choose 2 answers:

A. Add plugin_bm_extension to the cartridge path under business manager cartridge site 
B. Add the appropiate roles and permission to the user to view the business manager extension. 
C. Add plugin_bm_extension to the cartridge path under Storefront cartridge site path.
D. Activate a new code version for the Business Manager Site. 

Question # 8

Assuming the code is correct on both functions, what is the expected result?

A. A RunTime error is thrown, "Error: Params do not match route". 
B. The base code executes and then the custom code executes.
C. The custom code executes and then the base code executes. 
D. The base code executes, but the custom code is ignored becausethe signature lines do not match. 

Question # 9

A developer is asked to create a controller endpoint that will be used in a client-side AJAX request. Its purposes is to displayupdated information to the user when the request is completed, without otherwise modifying the appearance of the current page. According to SFRA practices, which method best supports this objective?

A. res.json() 
B. res.render() 
C. res.print() 

Question # 10

Business Manager has the configuration: • Active Log category is "root" • Log level of WARN The code below is executing: var log = Logger.getLogger(''products''); Using this information, what will be written to the log?

A. log.warn("This is a warn message"); AND log.error("This is an error message"); 
B. log.error("This is an error message"); AND"This is an info message");
 C."This is a warn message"); 

Question # 11

Adeveloper cannot create a custom object in Business Manager because the attributes do not show. The developer can view the object but not the attributes. Which action should the developer take to resolve the problem?

A. Change the data type of the attributes. 
B. Create an attribute Group with the desired attributes in it. 
C. Set the attributes to site-specific replicable. 

Question # 12

A developer has configured the following log levels for categories & sub categories as WARN logging is enabled for 'product’ and DEBUG for "product.import" What will be the log level used for various categories and sub-categories?

A. WARN and ERROR are lugged for product" and all its subcategories. For thesubcategory 'product.import' DEBUG and INFO are also logoed 
B. WARN and ERROR are logged fix product' and all its subcategories. For the subcategory’’ product.import* DEBUG and INFO are not logged. 
C. WARN and FRROR ate lugged for product" and all its subcategories. 

Question # 13

A developer is tasked with the development of anew Page Designer Page Type, as requested by themerchant. How should they define the rendering logic of the page?

A. Implement a JavaScript file with a render () function. 
B. Implement a metadata JSON file with a ''render'' property. 
C. Implement a Controller file with a ''render'' route.

Question # 14

Which line of code creates a content slot that can be included on homepage.isml to display on the home page? 

A. <isslot id="my_banner " description="for home page" type="global" context="content"context-object="${pdict.ContentSearchResult.content}"/> 
B. <isslot id="my_banner " description="for home page" type="global" context="homepage"/> 
C. <isslot id="my_banner " description="for home page" context="global"> 
D. <isslot id="my_banner " description="for home page" context="global" contextobject="${pdict.CurrentHomePage}"/> 

Question # 15

Universal Containers needs to have Apple Pay disabled for the country of Spain. Which Business Manager module should the Developer use to meet this requirement? 

A. Merchant Tools > Ordering > PaymentMethods
 B. Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Apple Pay 
C. Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Processors 
D. Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Payment Types 

Question # 16

A merchant asks a developer to create a CachePartition for the home page, so that when the home page is edited, only the home page is cleaned. Given the above requirement, where should the developer create that partition in Business Manager? 

A. Administration > Sites > Manage Sites > Site > Cache 
B. Operations > Site > Manage Sites > Cache 
C. Operations > Cache > Site 
D. Site > Site Preferences > Cache 

Question # 17

A developer is using logging in scripts to troubleshoot an issue. They are using thedw.system.Log class to write to specific log levels and categories. Which log level is always enabled by default? 


Question # 18

The client provides the system integrator with translation messages for the newly added "French" ("fr") locale. What is the correct folder to store the associated .properties files?

A. cartridge/templates/fr 
B. A cartridge/templates/resources 
C. cartridge/resources 
D. cartridge/templates/resources/fr 

Question # 19

Which is an appropriate use of the ISML tag that follows B2C Commerce and SFRA best practices? 

A. Display a section of the page to logged users only 
B. Implement involved business logs through conditional statements. 
C. Redirect users to the registration page if they are not logged in 

Question # 20

A client sells its product in single-brand stores as well as in multi-brand stores. When shown in the store locator list, the client wants the single-brand stores to have a particular background color to highlight them. Which Business Manager action should be completed to allow the developer to apply different styling to the single-brand stores?

A. Add a Boolean custom attribute to the Store system object 
B. Configure theexisting Store custom object type definition 
C. Create a new SingleBrandStore custom object configuration. 
D. Adjust the relevant Site Preference in the Stores group 

Question # 21

Given a sandbox with an active slot configuration with the following specifications: • Content type set to product • With someproduct configured • With the following rendering template: slots/product/product_1x2 isml • Correctly enabled and scheduled And given the code contained in the selected rendering template:

Is an additional action needed for this to work asintended?

A. No - The content slot is rendered correctly. 
B. Yes - The isloop should be removed because no loops are allowed in a content slot rendering template. 
C. Yes - The content needs to be configured with a recommender to display products. 

Question # 22

Universal Containers wants to associate a region code value with an order to indicate the general area of its destination. This region code must be accessible whenever the order history is displayed. What is required toaccomplish this?

A. Store the region code value in a session variable. 
B. Define a custom attribute on the Order system object type to store the region code value. 
C. Define a custom object type to store the username with the region code. 
D. Store the region code value in the geolocation system attribute of the Order. 

Question # 23

A Digital Developer wants to selectivelyretrieve products and process them from an iPhone. Which action should the Developer take, given that JavaScript controllers CANNOT be used?

A. Use import/export in Business Manager. 
B. Create a webservice to retrieve products. 
C. Use OCAPI and invoke it in native language. 
D. Use WebDAV Client to retrieve products.

Question # 24

A developer has these requirements for out-of-stock products: Save the SKUs of the out-of-stock products that the customer is interested in Save the customer email regardless if the customer is a guest or registered Email the customer whenthe product is back-in-stock Which step should the developer perform as part of the solution to achieve the requirements?

A. Create a new set-of-string type custom attribute to the system object type Profile to save all the SKUs and use the existing emailfield for the email. 
B. Create a new system object type that has a set-of-string type custom attribute for the SKUs and a string for the email field. 
C. Create a new custom object type that has a set-of-string type custom attribute for the SKUs and a string for the email field. 
D. Create a new set-of-string type custom attribute to the system object type Product to save all the customer email addresses for back-in-stock notification.

Question # 25

A developer wants to add a link to the My Account Page. Whatis the correct code to accomplish this?

A. ${Resource.msg(‘myaccount’,’account’,request.locale())}
 B. ${Resource.message(‘myaccount’)} 
C. ${Resource.msg(‘myaccount’,’account’,null)} 
D. ${ResourceMgr.getPropierties(‘myaccount’,’account’,null)} 

Question # 26

There is a business requirement to allow a third-party warehouse management system to update the storefront product inventory in real time. The architect decided that this is most easily accomplished by using the Open Commerce API (OCAPI). The developer needs to test the OCAPI settings m their sandbox. Assume the client ID for testing is "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'. What B the correct GCAPI setting for this?

Question # 27

A developer configures the dw.json file and needs to fill in the necessary parameters to complete the task. Which threeparameters are required when using npm scripts? Choose 3 answers

A. Usemame/Password 
B. Code Version 
C. Hostname 
D. Site ID 
E. CSRF Token 

Question # 28

A merchant is selling a new product line of televisions. In order to deliver a good customer experience, the merchandising team wants the screen size to beincorporated into the search and navigation journey. Which two things can the developer do to facilitate this for them? Choose 2 answers

A. Create a new search refinement for a Boolean value true or false and label it "big screen." 
B. Define a new searchable attribute for Screen Size. 
C. Configure catalog-level search refinement definition for Screen Size. 
D. Configure Screen Size threshold search refinement bucket definitions. 

Question # 29

A Digital Developer is working in a sandbox on a site named test-site using thedomain The Developer needs to compile a url to make an Open Commerce API (OCAPI) request that returns product information. By default, which URL format is a proper Open Commerce API for Sandbox? 


Question # 30

Universal Containers specifies a new category hierarchy for navigating thedigital commerce storefront. A Digital Developer uses Business Manager to manually create a catalog with the specified category hierarchy, then uses the Products & Catalogs > Import & Export module to export the catalog as a file. How can other Developerswith sandboxes on the same realm create the same catalog in their own sandboxes?

A. Use Business Manager to upload and import a copy of the export file obtained from the original Developer. 
B. Use the remote upload capability of the Site Import & Exportmodule of Business Manager. 
C. Use the import capability of the Site Import & Export module of Business Manager. 
D. Use the Business Manager Data Replication module to replicate the catalog from the original Developer’s sandbox. 

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