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Salesforce CRT-450 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company decides to implement a new process where every time an Opportunity is
created, a follow up Task should be created and assigned to the Opportunity Owner.
What is the most efficient way for a developer to implement this?

A. Auto-launched flow on Task
B. Apex trigger on Task
C. Task actions
D. Record-trigger flow on Opportunity

Question # 2

A developer creates a custom exception as shown below:
public class ParityException extends Exception {}
What are two ways the developer can fire the exception in Apex?
Choose 2 answers

A. new ParityException();:
B. throw new ParityException("parity does not match");
C. new ParityException('parity does not match');
D. throw new ParityException();

Question # 3

A Developer Edition org has five existing accounts. A developer wants to add 10 more
accounts for testing purposes.
The following code is executed in the Developer Console using the Execute Anonymous

How many total accounts will be in the org after this code is executed?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 10
D. 15

Question # 4

Universal Containers has a Visualforce page that displays a table of every Container__c
being rented by a given Account. Recently this
page is failing with a view state limit because some of the customers rent over 10,000
What should a developer change about the Visualforce page to help with the page load

A. Use JavaScript remotlng with SOQL Offset.
B. Implement pagination with a StandardSetController.
C. Implement pagination with an OffaetController.
D. Use lazy loading and a transient List variable.

Question # 5

Which exception type cannot be caught?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 6

As part of new feature development, a developer is asked to build a responsive application
capable of responding to touch events, that will be executed on stateful clients.
Which two technologies are built on a framework that fully supports the business
requirement? Choose 2 answers

A. Aura Components
B. Vlsualforce Components
C. Lightning Web Components
D. Visualforce Pages

Question # 7

Universal Hiring uses Salesforce to capture job applications. A salesforce administrator
created two custom objects; Job__c acting as the maste object, Job _Application__c acting
as the detail.
Within the Job ___c object, a custom multi-select picklist, preferred Locations __c, contains
a list of approved states for the position. Each
Job_Application__c record relates to a Contact within the system through a master-detail
Recruiters have requested the ability to view whether the Contact's Mailing State value
matches a value selected on the Preferred_Locations__c field,
within the Job_Application__c record. Recruiters would like this value to be kept in sync if
changes occur to the Contact's Mailing State.
What is the recommended tool a developer should use to meet the business requirement

A. Roll-up summary field
B. Apex trigger
C. Formula field
D. Record-triggered flow

Question # 8

What can be easily developed using the Lightning Component framework?

A. Customized JavaScript buttons
B. Salesforce Classic user Interface pages
C. Lightning Pages
D. Salesforce integrations

Question # 9

Which two characteristics are true for Lightning Web Component custom events?
Choose 2 answers

A. Data may be passed In the payload of a custom event using a wire decoratedproperties.
B. By default a custom event only propagates to its immediate container and to itsimmediate child component.
C. By default a custom event only propagates to it's immediate container.
D. Data may be passed in the payload of a custom event using a property called detail.

Question # 10

A developer is designing a new application on the Salesforce platform and wants to ensure
it can support multiple tenants effectively.
Which design framework should the developer consider to ensure scalability and

A. Flux (view, action, dispatcher, and store)
B. Waterfall Model
C. Agile Development
D. Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Question # 11

How is a controller and extension specified for a custom object named "Notice" on a
Visualforce page?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 12

Universal Containers wants to automatically assign new cases to the appropriate support
representative based on the case origin. They have created a custom field on the Case
object to store the support representative name.
What is the best solution to assign the case to the appropriate support representative?

A. Use a trigger an the Case object.
B. Use a formula field on the case object.
C. Use a validation rule on the Case object.
D. Use an Assignment Flow element.

Question # 13

What are two considerations for deploying from a sandbox to production?
Choose 2 answers

A. Should deploy during business hours to ensure feedback can be Quickly addressed
B. All triggers must have at least one line of test coverage.
C. At least 75% of Aptx code must be covered by unit tests.
D. Unit tests must have calls to the System.assert method.

Question # 14

Universal Containers wants to ensure that all new leads created in the system have a valid
email address. They have already created a validation rule to enforce this requirement, but
want to add an additional layer of validation using automation.
What would be the best solution for this requirement?

A. Submit a REST API Callojt with a JSON payload and validate the f elds on a third pattysystem
B. Use an Approval Process to enforce tne completion of a valid email address using anoutbound message action.
C. Use a before-save Apex trigger on the Lead object to validate the email address anddisplay an error message If it Is invalid
D. Use a custom Lightning web component to make a callout to validate the fields on athird party system.

Question # 15

A Next Best Action strategy uses an Enhance element that invokes an Apex method to
determine a discount level for a Contact, based on a
number of factors.
What is the correct definition of the Apex method?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 16

Which three resources in an Aura component can contain JavaScript functions? Choose 3

A. Renclerer
B. Style
C. Helper
D. Controller
E. Design

Question # 17

Given the following Apex statement:

What occurs when more than one Account is returned by the SOQL query?

A. The query falls and an error Is written to the debug log.
B. The variable, nvAccount, Is automatically cast to the List data type.
C. The first Account returned Is assigned to myAccour.t.
D. An unhandled exception is thrown and the code terminates.

Question # 18

Which code displays the contents of a Visualforce page as a PDF?

A. <apenipage contentType="pdf">
B. <apex:page contentType=“application/pd£f">
C. <apexipage renderAs="pdf">
D. <apex:page renderAs="application/pdf">

Question # 19

Which code in a Visualforce page and/or controller might present a security vulnerability?

A. <apex:outputfield value="(!ctrl.userinput)" rendered="(!isfditable}" />
B. <apex:outputText escape="false" value="{!sCurrentPage.parameters.userInput}™ />
C. <apex:outputField value="{'ctrl.userInput}" />
D. <apex:outputText value="{!SCurrentPage.parameters.useriInput}" />

Question # 20

In terms of the MVC paradigm, what are two advantages of implementing the view layer of
a Salesforce application using Lightning Web Component-based development over
Choose 2 answers

A. Log capturing via the Debug Logs Setup page
B. Built-in standard and custom set controllers
C. Self-contained and reusable units of an application
D. Rich component ecosystem

Question # 21

A developer is asked to write helper methods that create test data for unit tests.

What should be changed in the Testvtils class so that its methods are only usable by unit
test methods?

A. Change public to private on line 01.
B. Add @IsTest above line 03,
C. Add @IsTest above line 01.
D. Remove static from line 03.

Question # 22

What is the value of the Trigger.old context variable in a before insert trigger?

A. A list of newly created sObjects without IDs
B. null
C. Undefined
D. An empty list of sObjects

Question # 23

What are two characteristics related to formulas?
Choose 2 answers

A. Formulas are calculated at runtime and are not stored in the database
B. Fields that are used in a formula field can be deleted or edited wlthojt editing the formjta.
C. formulas can reference themselves.
D. Formulas can reference vaues m reiatea objects.

Question # 24

A developer created a trigger on the Account object. While testing the trigger, the
developer sees the error message 'Maximum trigger depth
What could be the possible causes?

A. The developer does not have the correct user permission.
B. The trigger is getting executed multiple times.
C. The trigger is a a helper class.
D. The trigger does not have sufficient code coverage.

Question # 25

While developing an Apex class with custom search functionality that will be launched from
a Lightning Web Component, how can the developer ensure only records accessible to the
currently logged in user are displayed?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 26

A developer is tasked with building a custom Lightning web component to collect Contact
The form will be shared among many different types of users in the org. There are security
requirements that only certain fields should be edited and viewed by certain groups of
What should the developer use in their Lightning Web Component to support the security

A. force-input-field
B. ui-input-field
C. aura-input-field
D. lightning-input-field

Question # 27

A developer deployed a trigger to update the status__c of Assets related to an Account
when the Account’'s status changes and a nightly integration that updates Accounts in bulk
has started to fail with limit failures.

What should the developer change about the code to address the failure while still having
the code update all of the Assets correctly?

A. Change the gerAssetsToUpdac= method to process all Accounts in one call and call itoutside of the for loop that starts on line 03.
B. Add a LIMIT clause to the SOQL query on line 16 to limit the number of Assets queriedfor an Account.
C. Move all of the logic to a Queueable class that queries for and updates the Assets andcall it from the trigger.
D. Add List<Asset> assets = [SELECT Id, Status__c FROM Asset WHERE AccountId =:acctId] to line 14 and iterate over the assets list in the for loop on line 15.

Question # 28

A company has a custom object, Order__c, that has a required, unique external ID field
called OrderNumber__c.
Which statement should be used to perform the DML necessary to insert new records and
update existing records in a list of order__c records
using the external ID field?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 29

Consider the following code snippet for a Visualforce page that is launched using a Custom
Button on the Account detail page layout.

When the Save button is pressed the developer must perform a complex validation that
involves multiple objects and, upon success, redirect the user to
another Visualforce page.
What can the developer use to meet this business requirement?

A. Custom controller
B. Controller extension
C. Validation rule
D. Apex trigger

Question # 30

Managers at Universal Containers want to ensure that only decommissioned containers are
able to be deleted in the system. To meet the business requirement a Salesforce developer
adds "Decommissioned" as ipicklist value for the Statu3__c custom field within the
Container__c object.
Which two approaches could a developer use to enforce only Container records with a
status of "Decommissioned" can be deleted?
Choose 2 answers

A. Validation rule
B. After record-triggered flow
C. Apex trigger
D. Before record-triggered flow

Question # 31

A developer created this Apex trigger that calls Myclass.myStaticMethod:

The developer creates a test class with a test method that calls MyClass.myStaticMethod directly, resulting in 81% overall code coverage.

What happens when the developer tries to deploy the trigger and two classes to
production, assuming no other code exists?

A. The deployment passes because both classes and the trigger were included in thedeployment.
B. The deployment fails because no assertions were made in the test method.
C. The deployment passes because the Apex code has the required >75% code coverage.
D. The deployment fails because the Apex trigger has no code coverage.

Question # 32

What are two benefits of using declarative customizations over code?
Choose 2 answers

A. Declarative customizations automatically update with each Salesforce release.
B. Declarative customizations generally require less maintenance.
C. Declarative customizations automatically generate test classes.
D. Declarative customizations cannot generate run time errors.

Question # 33

A developer identifies the following triggers on the Expense __c object:
The triggers process before delete, before insert, and before update events respectively.
Which two techniques should the developer implement to ensure trigger best practices are

Choose 2 answers

A. Create helper classes to execute the appropriate logic when a record is saved.
B. Unify the before insert and before update triggers and use Flow for the delete action.
C. Unify all three triggers in a single trigger on the Expense__c object that includes allevents.
D. Maintain all three triggers on the Expense__c object, but move the Apex logic out of thetrigger definition.

Question # 34

A developer created a Visualforce page and custom controller to display the account type
field as shown below.
Custom controller code:

The value of the account type field is not being displayed correctly on the page. Assuming
the custom controller is properly referenced on the Visualforce page, what should the developer do to correct the problem?

A. Convert theAcccunt, type to a String.
B. Change theAccount attribute to public.
C. Add with sharing to the custom controller.
D. Add a getter method for the actType attribute.

Question # 35

A developer needs to make a custom Lightning Web Component available in the
Salesforce Classic user interface.
Which approach can be used to accomplish this?

A. Wrap the Lightning Web Component In an Aura Component and surface the AuraComponent as a Visualforce tab.
B. Embed the Lightning Web Component is a Visualforce Component and add directly tothe page layout.
C. Use the Lightning Out JavaScript library to embed the Lightning Web Component in aVisualforce page and add to the page layout.
D. Use a Visualforce page with a custom controller to invoke the Lightning WebComponent using a call to an Apex method.

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