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Unveiling The Secrets: Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant Question Answers FAQs

Prepare to supercharge your career with the Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant program. Because Salesforceprep got updates on Education-Cloud-Consultant Dumps.

On this journey, students find themselves boggled about many things. We here wish to clear the clouds for you. Here it goes:

Q1. What is the Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant program?

Do you have experience in implementing Salesforce for Education solutions? Then, this program is for you. Register now, and let Education-Cloud-Consultant braindumps guide you.

Q2. What does a Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant do?

Salesforce consultants proficiently design and deploy solutions supporting customer business processes and requirements. All in the education industry using Salesforce for Education.

Q3. What is the Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant experience requirement?

If you wish to qualify for this exam, then you must be:

  • ●  Experienced in the Salesforce Platform for 2+ years
  • ●  Experienced in Salesforce implementation for 1+ years
  • ●  Implementation experience in at least one project involving Education Cloud
Q4. Which job roles can benefit from the Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant?

The job roles for the credential include

  • ●  Business Analyst
  • ●  Consultant
  • ●  Application/Solution Architect
  • ●  Developer
  • ●  Project Manager
  • ●  System Analyst
  • ●  Technical Architect
Q5. What are some details on the exam format?
  • ●  The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions.
  • ●  You have 105 minutes to complete the exam, and the passing score is 67%.
  • ●  The registration fee is USD 200, and the retake fee is USD 100.
Q6. What is the prerequisite for taking the exam?

The Salesforce Administrator credential is a prerequisite for this exam.

Q7. What domains does the exam cover?

This exam assesses your knowledge and skills in the following domains:

  • ●  Domain Expertise: 18%
  • ●  Education Cloud Configuration: 22%
  • ●  Implementation Strategies and Best Practices: 18%
  • ●  Solution Design: 19%
  • ●  Integration and Data Management: 16%
  • ●  Analytics: 7%

There must be some Education-Cloud-Consultant practice test questions floating around in your brain. So here it is, answers to them all:

Lifting the Curtains: The Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant Dumps FAQs

Q1. Are these materials genuine and updated?

Absolutely! Salesforceprep subject matter experts present 100% genuine and updated Education-Cloud-Consultant real exam questions.

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We do! Visit the site to access your Education-Cloud-Consultant practice test free demo.

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Your satisfaction is most important to us. If we fall short of preparing you for the exam. We offer a full refund on our Education-Cloud-Consultant braindumps.

Q4. Are these Education-Cloud-Consultant dumps available in a single format?

Not at all, Salesforceprep provides you the opportunity to choose two contrasting formats:

  • 1:  Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant Practice Test Software.
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Q5. What is the advantage of Education-Cloud-Consultant Braindumps?

We simulate the actual exam environment to enhance your skills and improve your confidence to excel in the exam. The multiple format availability offers flexibility and convenience. So, you can now prepare at your own pace.

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Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A private school's advancement office is looking for a fundraising solution that will create
giving pages, process online donations and easily integrate with Salesforce.
Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Pathways
B. Experience Cloud
C. Elevate
D. Accounting Subledger

Question # 2

Career Services uses a separate event management system for its employment events’
attendance and registration, and Marketing
Cloud to promote the event. It wants to integrate student data in Salesforce to identify
engaged prospects by matching them with event attendance, career interest, and credit
completion toward an academic major.
Which integration direction should the consultant recommend?

A. Two-way integration between the event system and Marketing Cloud
B. One-way integration between Marketing Cloud and the event system
C. Two-way integration between the event system and Salesforce

Question # 3

The Undergraduate Admissions office needs to track new students and their current course
of study.
Which Education Data Architecture (EDA) object should the consultant use to meet the

A. Program Enrollment
B. Education History
C. Contact Role

Question # 4

A consultant is working with a university that uses Salesforce and wants to install the
Education Data Architecture (EDA) in that environment.
What does the consultant need to do after installing EDA to ensure it is set up correctly?

A. Assign EDA layouts to the Cases object.
B. Assign EDA access to a cloned System Admin profile.
C. Make the EDA record types available to profiles.
D. Create and assign roles to all users who have access to EDA.

Question # 5

An elementary school plans to implement the K-12 Architecture Kit in a new org. The
school wants to be able to send SMS messages to parents.
Which solution should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

A. Marketing Cloud
B. App on the AppExchange
C. Education Data Architecture

Question # 6

The Advancement office wants to replace its legacy system with Salesforce and has hired
a consultant to help build a CRM strategy.
Which recommendation should the consultant make to meet this requirement?

A. Implement Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).
B. Start solution design during a discovery session.
C. Prioritize the organization's initiatives.

Question # 7

The Alumni Relations department wants to track alumni and its chapter memberships. The
department wants to easily see the
Primary Chapter on the Contact record. The system admin prefers to use the standard
features that are available with Education Data
Architecture (EDA).
Which step should the consultant take to meet this requirement?

A. Create an Affiliation mapping to the Primary Chapter field in EDA Settings.
B. Create an Affiliation record type for Alumni Chapter and a custom field for the PrimaryChapter on the Contact record.
C. Create a custom picklist value for Alumni Chapter on the Affiliation object.

Question # 8

A college is experiencing a disconnect between the Advancement and Finance
departments which causes a delay in the allocation of donations. The college wants to
synchronize fundraising data between these two offices.
Which solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Financial Services Cloud
B. Payment Services
C. Accounting Subledger

Question # 9

The Admissions office sends 25 email 10 students slarty. The Director of needs to manage
cohorts of prospective students and automate personalized emails.
Which two solutions should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?
Choose 2 answers

A. Journey Builder
B. Salesforce Campaigns
C. Datarama
D. Salesforce Inbox

Question # 10

A primary school has switched to remote learning and wants to track student well-being,
technology needs, and various family situations needing attention.
Which Education Cloud solution meets this requirement?

A. Student Success Hub
B. Pathways
C. K-12 Architecture Kit
D. Admissions Connect

Question # 11

A university's Alumni Relations office is replacing its legacy system with Salesforce. The
consultant needs to load a large volume of
alumni Contact records into a new Salesforce environment.
Which action should the consultant take?

A. Set the Account and Contact's sharing to Public Read/Write before the data load.
B. Set the Account and Contact's sharing to Private before the data load.
C. Load record owners after the Account and Contact data load Is complete.

Question # 12

A university plans to use Salesforce for its recruitment and admissions process and needs
to integrate it with the Student Information System (SIS).
Which step should the consultant take initially?

A. Disable Trigger Handler records.
B. Define the process.
C. Use the Data Import Wizard.

Question # 13

The IT administrator at a university would like to understand the Table-Driven Trigger
Management (TDTM) framework in the Education Data Architecture (EDA).
What is a benefit the consultant should discuss with the client?

A. TDTM prevents custom triggers.
B. TDTM mitigates data skew.
C. TDTM controls the order in which operations execute.

Question # 14

An Advancement office is evaluating the automation capabilities of the Education Data
Architecture (EDA). The office needs to be able to identify inactive addresses and have
them sync to the contact record.
How should the consultant meet this requirement?

A. Set the inactive address on the Contact record through integration.
B. Select the "Inactive" checkbox on the Address record.
C. Develop a custom trigger to update the Contact record.

Question # 15

A university is working with a consultant to install and configure the Education Data
Architecture (EDA). The university uses the Default Account Model. The university wants
accounts to include the first and last name of each contact at the time the contact is
Which action should the consultant take in EDA Settings to meet this requirement?

A. Select the Run Backfill button.
B. Edit Administrative Account Name Format.
C. Set the Account Model to Household.

Question # 16

A university's IT department is setting up an integration between the student information
system (SIS) and the Education Data Architecture (EDA). The SIS integration will send
students' academic major, status, and dates.
Which Salesforce object should this be mapped to?

A. Course Connection
B. Education History
C. A Program Enrollment

Question # 17

The Financial Aid department of a college uses Student Success Hub. Students need the
ability to schedule an appointment with any financial aid advisor.
Which object should the consultant configure in Student Success Hub to meet this

A. Advising Pools
B. Public Groups
C. EDA Relationships

Question # 18

A school wants to use the K-12 Architecture Kit to track elementary students and their
parents. Which consideration about the K-12 Architecture Kit should the consultant discuss
with the school?

A. It requires Experience Cloud.
B. It is built on the Education Data Architecture.
C. It is built on Nonprofit Success Pack.

Question # 19

Where can a customer access the open-source common sprint project code repositories?

A. Trailblazer Community
B. Partner Community
C. GitHub

Question # 20

University Investment Services (UIS) is an internal department that manages the university
endowment through financial investments. It operates independently of the university and
only works with investment companies and financial institutions. UIS is interested in a CRM
that will track investment companies, its company Contacts. Leads, Opportunities, and
Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Sales Cloud
B. Education Data Architecture
C. Financial Services Cloud

Question # 21

A university is interested in using Student Success Hub and a calendar integration tool to sync student appointments with the faculty advisors' Google accounts. What should the consultant recommend?

A. A third-party app
B. Salesforce Scheduler
C. Einstein Activity Capture

Question # 22

A consultant needs to migrate international students' contact and address information to a
Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA) environment with the State and Country
Picklist feature enabled.
What should the consultant confirm before migrating the data?

A. Contact Multi-Addresses Enabled is checked.
B. All state and country values are ISO-3166 values.
C. Every contact has a state and country value.

Question # 23

A consultant is writing an Apex class to run when a new Contact is created in a Salesforce
environment where Education Data Architecture (EDA) is in use.
What should the consultant do to ensure the code executes in the order intended?

A. Write an Apex trigger to set the order of execution.
B. Go to EDA Settings to set the order of execution.
C. Use Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM) to set the order of execution.

Question # 24

The Advancement office is replacing its old CRM system with Salesforce.
After creating its technology roadmap and fundraising timeline, the new Salesforce
environment may go live during a major capital fundraising campaign.
Which critical factor should the consultant identify?

A. Resource availability
B. Technical complexity
C. Staff cross-training
D. Cost of the implementation

Question # 25

A primary school will implement Student Success Hub to support student needs from K-12.
The school primarily needs to track students' families and communicate with the parents on
issues. Which default account model should the consultant recommend?

A. Standard Account Model
B. Household Account Model
C. Administrative Account Model

Question # 26

A university needs to track details about a student's registration in an academic program or
course of study, including information about registration dates, status, and credits earned.
Which object in the Education Data Architecture (EDA) contains this type of summary
academic data?

A. Course Offering
B. Program Enrollment
C. Program Plan

Question # 27

The School of Engineering is interested in a Salesforce email marketing tool that scores
email activity from campaigns and mass communications, as well as individual emails sent
from recruiters. Recruiters want the flexibility to send emails from their Outlook account or
from Salesforce. The marketing director wants recruiters to use branded email templates.
Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Email Studio and Salesforce Inbox
B. Account Engagement and Salesforce Engage
C. Account Engagement and Salesforce Inbox

Question # 28

A university uses the Education Data Architecture (EDA) to manage its prospective and
current students. The student Contact Mailing Address fields and records are populated in
Salesforce through an integration with an external system.
What should the consultant recommend?

A. Disable address-related Trigger Handler records.
B. Disable all EDA and custom Trigger Handler records.
C. Set record-level trigger firing based on the Account record type.
D. Set the Default Account Model to Administrative.

Question # 29

A university is interested in the Student Success Hub Tableau Accelerator. Which object
should the consultant recommend to ensure there is data?

A. Behavior Incident
B. Appointment Attendee
C. Availability Topic

Question # 30

A system admin plans to load data into Salesforce in the following order. Team, Course,
Course offering, and Account.
What should the consultant discuss with the system admin?

A. Account is a required field for Team.
B. There is a risk of account data skew.
C. There is a risk of lookup data skew.

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