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Everything You Need To Know with Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Dumps

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist Exam is a testament to your skills as candidates fully equipped to create solutions, build marketing campaigns, and apply and analyze data management, content creation, and email marketing best practices.

To prepare to pass this certification, you’ll find that your knowledge and experiences fall short. But don’t worry, Salesforceprep got you covered. We’ve created the Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist braindumps. So, you can grip the Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist question answers. Our study materials help you understand complicated and confusing concepts.

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Why Getting Help Is Necessary: Overview Of Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Question Answers

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist is a 90-minute exam containing 60 multiple-choice and five unscored questions. If you want to pass, you must get 67% marks. But this is not easy, with 18 objectives in 5 sections. You must first master the following five sections:

  • ●  Email Marketing Best Practices: 10%
  • ●  Content Creation and Delivery: 24%
  • ●  Marketing Automation: 26%
  • ●  Subscriber and Data Management: 26%
  • ●  Insights and Analytics: 14%

The Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist study guide covers them all. And this is just the start. We have also incorporated Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist question answers explanations for assistance. You can now identify your weak spots. Turn them into your strength with Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist braindumps practice. These resources will help you focus your studies on critical concepts, covering all exam objectives to pass the exam. We utilize tools like videos, screenshots, and diagrams to demonstrate and explain Salesforce Email functionalities.

A Look Inside the Exam Preparation: Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Real Exam Questions FAQs:

Most Salesforce candidates understand what is needed and what to do. But then some need a guide that summarizes the vital information on their exam and Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist braindumps resource. We’ve compiled a set of Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist dumps FAQs to answer all your queries.

Why do you need a study guide?

The exam contains some intricate terms and concepts that most candidates find hard to understand. For those candidates, using a guide is a convenient option. The Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist practice test provides a stimulating atmosphere to make sure you can cement your understanding.

What do the packages include?

The Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist question answers bundle covers all five sections. Plus, detailed explanations and topic summaries. The real-life scenarios and sample questions ensure your ability to solve Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist real exam questions.

What if you don’t pass the exam?

The study guide explanations are in plain language, and the many stimulating features ensure they are easy to understand. These unlimited Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist braindumps come with access to the first three months of updates free. Still, if there’s a problem with our resources and you fail, you get all your money spent on the Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist practice test back in full.

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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Sample Questions

Question # 1

The marketing team wants to target subscribers with a ‘think you’ offer for all subscribers
who have opened an email in the past year.
Which tool should they use to identify the subscribers to send to?

A. Total Opens measure
B. _Open data view
C. Tracking Data Extract

Question # 2

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO)notices that some of its unsubscribe reasons are related to
Reply Mail Management (RMM). NTO does not have RMM in its account.
What contributes to these unsubscribe reasons?

A. List-Unsubscribe header
B. Profile Center Unsubscribe
C. Universal Unsubscribe

Question # 3

Northern TrailOutfitters is spending daily batch files of customer data to Marketing Cloud
via file drops. When the Automation runs, the files are often empty and data points are not
available for processing.
Which component of Automation Studio ensures that steps within the Automation are only
executed when a certain is fulfilled?

A. Verification Activity
B. Skip Automation
C. Wait Activity

Question # 4

Northern Trail Outfitter (NTO) is warning up a new IP address primarily for a new product
line. Initially, NTO wants to move some of its lower-volume transactional sends onto this
new IP.
Where should NTO update the IP configured for these sends?

A. From Address Management
B. Delivery Profile
C. Sender Profile

Question # 5

Northern Trail Outfitters allows nonregistered customers to provide to phone number for open orders. The proved contact information is to be deleted after 30 days.

Which feature provides a way to automatically maintain a data extension's records?

A. Delete Filter Activity
B. Contact Delete
C. Data Retention Policy

Question # 6

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) was unable to process coupon codes for several days,
which caused customers to complain about their experience. NTO would like to apologize
by offering an upgraded coupon to help improve customer satisfaction
What should NTO do to automate the process of finding its affected customers?

A. Filter the data based on a specific date range.
B. Use Einstein engagement scores to identify affected users.
C. Query the data using a specific date range parameter

Question # 7

A marketing manager has created a global template at the top level to control branding
standards and make updates easy. The template needs to be used company-wide across
business units.
How should the manager configure the template once it's moved to the shared folder to
ensure it remains on-brand?

A. Select the Edit Globally permission option.
B. Select the View and Send permission option.
C. Make a copy in each business unit to allow local edits.

Question # 8

Northern trail Outfitters’ marketing department wants to review lastyear’s holiday
engagement to this year’s engagement.
What should they use to access the historical engagement data?

A. SQL activity using data views
B. Audit Trail extract
C. Tracking Data extract

Question # 9

A marketer has created an event confirmation email which is sent to all registration of their
cooking-while-camping sessions. They use Connect to integrate into their CRM and want to
update records directly when a recipient clicks the ‘Confirm RSVP button.
Which automation solution should easily allow this action?

A. Automation Studio
B. Behavioral Triggers
C. Journey Builder

Question # 10

The Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) marketers want to easily track the performance of
interest and profile data capture journeys.
Which action should the marketer take to evaluate conversion of those journeys?

A. Export the journey email analytics.
B. Define a goal for each journey.
C. Review opens and clicks activity summaries.

Question # 11

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) flags test emails by adding a Testing And Content
Observations (TACO) prefix to its test send subject lines. NTO wants to ensure no
emails are sent with the TACO prefix.

A. In Send Management, add the word TACO to the Auto-Suppression Rules.
B. In the Subject/Preheader Validation section of Email Studio, add the word TACO.
C. In Send Classifications, delete TACO from the available classification options.

Question # 12

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has child business units that share customers. To track customer engagement. NTO wants to identify business unit in each of its links. Which personalization string should be appended as a parameter?

A. Option A 
B. Option B 
C. Option C 

Question # 13

A marketing developer wants to receive daily report of sends across all business units to be incorporated into their internal dashboard. What should be done to ensure the report a sent to the director each day?

A. Schedule report and email file to the director. 
B. A Schedule report and email the link to download. 
C. Schedule report to export as a web page. 

Question # 14

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to use a specific IP address and a subdomain of order subdomain for all of its transactional emails. What should be configured to accomplish this request? 

A. Sender Profile 
B. Delivery Profile 
C. Send Classification 

Question # 15

A marketer has been asked to collect corner information using Marketing Cloud for users obtained from social channels for future mailing. What should the marketer do to accomplish this? 

A. Use Journey Builder to build an audience using Ad Studio. 
B. Web Studio to capture Query parameters from social media link. 
C. Use an interactive form from email Studio to collect this information 

Question # 16

A marketer is using Preview .. Test sending to check that content is ready for an upcoming campaign and notices the Send Log Data Extension is not updating. What is the reason records are NOT being recorded? 

A. Test sends are rot recorded on the Send Log Data Extension. 
B. The send exceeded the maximum test send threshold. 
C. A subscriber was not selected in the Subscriber Preview tab. 

Question # 17

A marketer wants to increase the engagement rate of an email by sending it at best possible time for each subscriber. Which Journey Builder tool should they use to accomplish this?

A. Einstein STO Activity
 B. Wait Until Activity 
C. Engagement Split 

Question # 18

Northern TV-ail Outfitters (NTO) sent a targeted email to 1,000 customers, but the actual number series was 10% less. In troubleshooting the issue, NTO noticed that 100 email addresses contained a typo of " instead of "". Which Marketing Cloud feature prevented emails from being sent to an invalid domain?

A. Bounce Mail Management  
B. Auto-Suppression Lists 
C. List Detective

Question # 19

Northern Trail Outfitters imports an encrypted file of its subscribers' favorite colors. Which automation activity and configuration setting should be used to import decrypted information to a data extension?

A. Manager Files in File Transfer. 
B. Specify character encoding in import file. 
C. Configure Field-Level Encryption in import file. 

Question # 20

The customer service team at Northern Trail Outfitters is reporting that customers are complaining about emails ending up in their spam folders. The marketing team is asking for a solution that can check if the email contains any flags that can classify it as spam.

A. Test Send 
B. Content Detective 
C. Subscriber Preview 

Question # 21

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a post-purchase campaign that emails customers to ask for feedback on their most recent shopping experience. What should the NTO marketing team include in the email design to encourage a high response rate?

A. Make the call-to-action button that links to the feedback form bigger and with red background 
B. Replace call-to-action with interactive Email Form 
C. A Salesforce Survey block called in by an AMPscript function. 

Question # 22

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a new product launch. Which tool should enable NTO to easily target the most loyal subscribes? 

A. Path Optimizer 
B. Google Analytics Audience 
C. Einstein Engagement Scoring 

Question # 23

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a promotional email intended to be sent to only its highvalue customers. NTO wants to implement additional-guardrails to prevent sending the email to more subscribers than intended. Which Activity should be configured in Automation Studio to help?

A. Send Email 
B. Verification 
C. Wait 

Question # 24

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to monitor customer status while they flow through a postpurchase journey. Which configuration is required to make decisions on this data? The status data is connected to the contact in an attribute group.

A. The Update Contact Activity us used to make status updates. 
B. The Update Contact Activity Is used to make status updates. 
C. The entry sources data extension has a primary key and subscriber key. 

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