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Salesforce Public-Sector-Solutions Sample Questions

Question # 1

Foodvania has adopted Salesforce Public Sector Solutions to get relief to small businesses experiencing hardship due to the pandemic. Foodvania would like the recipients to apply for relief in a self-service portal, allowing for the upload of supporting documentation and the capability to check the status of their application. What should the consultant recommend using?

A.    The consultant should recommend the Outbound Funds Module Which Includes the Grants Portal feature and the procurement for an allotment to Experience Cloud licenses so as the recipients may review their applications status   
B.    The consultant should recommend the Grants Management product which Includes the Grants Portal feature   
C.    The consultant should recommend the Outbound Funds Module Which Includes the Grants Portal feature   
D.    The consultant should recommend the Grants Management product with the Outbound Funds Module to give the recipients the capability to review their applications status.  

Question # 2

After a grantseeker has submitted an application for review. Foodvania needs to review the Funding Request and allocate the funds appropriately. For audit purposes, all expenditures must be tracked according to how the money was disbursed (Mortgage arrearage. Utility assistance, etc.). Which two would the consultant build to handle this request utilizing Public Sector Solutions(PSS)?  

A.    Recommend using PSS with the Nonprofit Success Pack.   
B.    Recommend using PSS with the Outbound Funds Module.   
C.    Recommend using PSS with the Grants Management product.  
 D.    Recommend using PSS with FinancialForce Accounting.  

Question # 3

A government agency wants to automate the validation of an applicant's date of birth from a driver's license or passport.   Which features are required to automate the validation of the date of birth?  

 A.    Files   
B.    Attachments   
C.    Intelligent Form Reader   
D.    Content  

Question # 4

What 2 core Salesforce Clouds is Public Sector Solutions based on? 

A.    Service Cloud
B.    Experience Cloud   
C.    Marketing Cloud   
D.     Admin

Question # 5

A government agency would like 10 standardize Its grant funding process and Is looking for a solution to prioritize and award funds to the most eligible grant-seekers using Public Sector Solutions.   What three components should a technical consultant configure to define applicants' eligibility and help with application prioritization?

A.    Create a Decision Matrix using BRE   
B.    Create an Application Form using OmniScript Designer   
C.    Create an Application Form using Web-to-Case   
D.    Create an Expression Set using BRE   
E.    Create an Application Form using Web-to-Lead  

Question # 6

A resident in the city of Richdale has concerns about unnecessary debris from construction at a nearby residence and has filed a complaint with the city. The city uses Public Sector Solutions for LPI (Licensing, Permitting & Inspections) to manage residential construction permits.   What three recommendations should a Technical Consultant provide to the city to handle complaints from residents and tie them back to existing residential construction permits?   

A.    Link Inspections and Visits to Permit Applications   
B.    Configure Inspections and Visits   
C.    Link Cases to Permits
D.    Configure Action Plans on Cases and Permits   
E.    Set up Business Rules Engine (BRE) to determine Complaint validity.  

Question # 7

Apublic sector agency Is looking to digitize Its operations for Emergency Response. As the technical consultant on the project, the expectations are to roll out a public facing portal that allows citizens to submit a simple emergency request with some basic information.   Which two are the correct approaches a consultant should take to meet these objectives?   

A.    Build a digital experience site using pre-configured emergency response management (ERM) specific template   
B.    Create a custom Case Record Type and leverage a prebuilt Contact Support Form   
C.    Build a digital experience site using the Help Center template based on the agency's requirement   
D.    Leverage prebuilt Emergency Service Request flow.  

Question # 8

A Public Sector Organization (PSO) is already using Grants Management from Public Sector Solutions and has users interacting with the PSO digitally via their Experience Cloud site. The Technical Consultant has already configured the site to allow users to create support requests themselves; however, the support team in the PSO often creates Cases on behalf of external users. The PSO has received feedback that users of the Site are unable to see Cases that the support team has created.   What can the Technical Consultant configure to make Cases created by the support team visible to the users of the site?

A.    Change the Organization-Wide Default settings for Case to Public Read/Write   
B.    Create or modify a sharing set for the Profile used for the Site that gives access to Cases   
C.    Create or modify a permission set that gives access to Cases owned by the support team   
D.    Create or modify a share group for the Profile used for the Site that gives access to Cases   

Question # 9

What are the three different key modules of Public Sector Solutions: Business Rules Engine?   

A.    Expression Maps   
B.    Expression Sets   
C.    Decision Table   
D.    Decision Matrix   
E.    Decision Tree  

Question # 10

A customer has specific steps/tasks that need to be performed every time a new Business License Application comes in. The following actions must be completed:   •The applicant must upload an image of their driver's license   •The license reviewer must perform a background check within five business/working days   •The license reviewer must enter the background check results into an external system manually within two business days of completing the background check   •The license reviewer must provide a recommendation to the approver to approve/reject the application & submit it for review   •The license reviewer may add additional steps/tasks for a particular application as needed   Which statement is true regarding Action Plan Templates relative to the business requirements above?

A.    An action plan template can be created (or the business license application object, and a document checklist item for the Image upload can be created   
B.    The reviewer users cannot create their own tasks within a predefined action plan template   
C.    Action plans cannot have tasks with due dates dependent upon prior tasks within the action plan   
D.    A document checklist item for an action plan template cannot be created  

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