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Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud Dumps: Grow Your Net Zero Cloud Skills

Salesforce offers a global solution to track greenhouse gas emissions, Net Zero Cloud. Now, it’s easier than ever for Net Zero Cloud professionals to prove their expertise. Especially when Salesforceprep is here to lend a helping hand.

You require valuable Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud braindumps to accelerate your journey to Net Zero Emission. We promise to provide value to our customers. Our experts develop the Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud practice test to support customer success. With the help of the innovative Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud question answers pdf, we join forces in smoothing your routes to an accomplished career.

Should You Consider Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud Real Exam Questions?

This brand-new credential of Salesforce tests the knowledge, skills, and experience to implement Net Zero Cloud. Let's venture together to validate your credibility to bring sustainable outcomes to customers using Net Zero Cloud.

Believe you can do it and take the Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud question answers help from us. Our experts have put their day and night into making the Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud dumps that suit every learning style. Although prerequisites are not a requirement for this credential, we won't let our customers fall back on anything. It’s a call out to all administrators, cloud consultants, or platform app builders; we have the Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud dumps to make your journey accountable.

Facts About Net Zero Cloud Exam Question Answers

The net zero cloud exam has three key sections:

  • 1.  Discovery
  • 2.  Design
  • 3.  Implementation

Learn this and more with accurate and precise Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud braindumps. Like the 75-minute time limit in the exam and 61% passing score, we design our resources to match this format for our customer’s ease. So, register for the Salesforce Certified Net Zero Cloud Exam without worry. The cost is 150$ plus applicable taxes.

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There’s never been a better time to get started on your Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud question answers training. Before you plan to invest in Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud real exam questions, resources measure its credibility. The increased demand for Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud dumps makes it all the more important to confirm its value in the market. How you can successfully purchase the Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud depends on the following factors:

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If you already have the previous credential, you are required to pass the new Net Zero Cloud Exam. It is a necessary step you need to take to maintain the earlier credential. The certification is valid for two years after you’ve earned it. The Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud braindumps will help you keep it. How? The explanation is as follows:

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So, are you ready to kickstart your Net Zero Cloud journey?

Salesforce Salesforce-Net-Zero-Cloud Sample Questions

Question # 1

What are the two approaches for calculating scope 2 emissions associated with electricity usage? (2 options) 

A. Location-Based 
B. Energy-Based 
C. Market-Based
 D. Grid-Based 

Question # 2

What initiatives is Salesforce driving with their suppliers? (1) 

A. Helping them reduce their carbon emissions 
B. Volunteer activities with suppliers to give back in local communities 
C. Work with suppliers to set their own emissions reduction targets by 2024 
D. Planting trees with suppliers to reach goal of 1 trillion trees by 2030 

Question # 3

What are the three Organizational Asset records types that come out of the box? (3) 

A. General 
B. Building 
C. Employee 
D. Data Center 
E. Vehicle 

Question # 4

What is true about record locking functionality? (1) 

A. Once a carbon footprint is locked, it is not possible to unlock the related energy use records d
B. Locking an energy use record locks all related Carbon Footprint records 
C. Moves the Carbon Footprint into the External Audit stage 
D. Locking a carbon footprint record prevents that record and all the energy use records associated with it from being recalculate

Question # 5

Select the three stages in the carbon accounting process (3) 

A. Data Collection 
B. Data Gap Filling 
C. Team Audit 
D. Asset Confirmation 
E. Approval Stage

Question # 6

A sustainability manager has received a file of electricity bills to import into Salesforce. What is the best way to avoid duplicating records? (1) 

A. Merge Leads Function 
B. Validation rules 
C. Insert new records with Data Loader 
D. Update/Insert records with Data Import Wizard 

Question # 7

What are the three UN Sustainable Development Goals? (3 options) 

A. Quality Education 
B. Clean Water and Sanitation 
C. Rural Development
D. Common Currency 
E. Life Below Water 

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